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Elizabeth Knudson

The Song Healer 

Restoring the vitality of the human spirit through healing  power of music. 

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Knudson. I am a classical soprano, composer and vocal



I have dedicated my life to using my voice to bring comfort and joy to the hearts of my listeners as well as use the power of singing to bring positive life transformation. 


After a long break from the operatic world I am re-emerging as a new vocal talent and am available for private events such as weddings, birthdays, private events and memorials. 


In addition to performing I teach vocal development to help students sing beautifully, build confidence, balance emotions and accomplish personal and professional goals. 


I have taught over 16,000 students online how to balance their emotions with vocal toning and singing. 


'singing from a woman who had a voice that can only be described as goddess-like. She was hitting notes that hit harmonics I have very seldom experienced. It made the inside of my head and ears actually quiver. A voice like hers is an instrument of unbelievable beauty'

Adam Pillar

'A voice like Christmas morning'

Corrina Schmidt

'A voice of beauty & compassion, refreshing talent and perspective  in the stuffy classical music scene'

'Joseph Callibrioni'

'A world-class vocal talent paired with the imagination of a true artist, priceless.'

Alexander Baros

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Student Reviews
Woman Singing for Performance

Robin Martin

This is a fantastic introduction to unblocking the chakras with sound. Why would you want to do that? Because a blocked chakra is part of a sluggish, difficult, dull life, while a chakra that's open allows energy to flow freely, bringing more joy into your life. This vocal method of balancing chakras is quick, easy, and doesn't require any special equipment. The instructor is compassionate and enthusiastic. And the tingling energy that ran through my body after my very first vocal meditation with this course felt amazing! I will be recommending this course to my friends. Namaste.

Toni Lynn Price

Amazing release of tension that allowed for a release that brought in colors and peace. A floating feeling of once again being balanced and whole. A much needed healing for my Chakras. I love her approach to explaining the Chakras and the music really was able to be felt deep within. Very unexpected results and excited to return for more of her teachings.  Namaste

Jovhannah Tisdale

I enjoyed this course and the peaceful energy it brought to me. I will continue this meditation daily.

Krina Patel

She is Amazing.. Worth taking this course!!

Samone Roberts

Updated 7 days ago

It was simple and really stuck with me! I fin that I pull from what I learned from this class without even realizing it! Thank you

Anna Chim

It's great....highly recommend!!!

Teresa Joyce

Thank you so much for sharing these skills and techniques to balance the chakras using tones. I really enjoyed it, I found it easy to follow and the explanations were given with enthusiasm. Thank you very much :

Annie Lachance

Pour moi ce fût un cours incroyable... Pratiquant déjà plusieurs technique de soins énergétiques, j'y ai vécu un déblocage extraordinaire !... Merci beaucoup !...

Yaarit Yanovsky

Updated 4 years ago

I loved the energy and the clear explanation of each section. I felt curious to continue. Thanks!

Abha Dubey

Updated 4 years ago

She have beautiful voice..loved it...would want to keep hearing sounds and immersed in it's flow.

Sabrina Harvill

Updated 4 years ago

I like how informative this course is! It's important to have all questions answered and understand underlying information before learning new skills and this course does just that. There is a plethora of information, I feel like all questions I had were answered almost immediately. I'm excited to set up my quiet space and use these techniques for some much needed relaxation and balance in my life!!!!!

Maria Silvo

Updated 4 years ago

Substantive information and very inspiring!

Annie Wong

I found a lot fun of this class and more understanding chakra vocal sound healing.

Rena Johnson

The insight that the instructor shared was eye opening. I loved the visuals and sound quality of the meditations. Beautiful energy!