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Healing spirit through story and song.

Kirsten Chambers

The Metroplitan Opera

I believe the healing you gave me many years ago DID change my career for the better, but more than that it changed me for the better and got me searching inside for love and acceptance than seeking it outside.  You were a HUGE catalyst for seeing me and reminding me who I was inside

Tammy Chaney

Elizabeth did the most beautiful song healing for me I have been struggling with healing cancer and her song healings were a key part in helping tune into my inner healing and heal. I immediately felt comforted and energized with her singing. I felt the healing presence of the angels with me and I am now cancer free! 

Adam Pillar

'singing from a woman who had a voice that can only be described as goddess like. She was hitting notes that hit harmonics I have very seldom experienced. It made the inside of my head and ears actually quiver. A voice like hers is an instrument of unbelievable beauty'

The book

In this spiritual healing manuscript, a group of heavenly guides deliver a message of transformational healing essential to the survival of mankind and the planet.  


'We are calling you, through eons of time, from your future and our past to remember your light and power. It is your time beloved, to answer the call of your divine light and fully realize your perfection. It is time for you to peacefully and confidently step into the practice of self-love.  It is time for you to fully heal yourself and transcend the pain and limitations of the physical universe.  Through his manuscript we send you words of healing that serve to empower you in your fight to remember you inner healing light and to shine it bravely out into the world.  You have the ability to transmute the physical universe into pure love. You have the power to heal all that is, now is your time, Beloved, step forward and answer the call. '

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Business Phone : 804-537-2611

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