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Do you wish for a miracle in your life?

Miracles can happen to you...


Divine love created you and holds every cell of your being together in perfect harmony.

No matter what challenges you face in life

remember who you are.

You are a walking, breathing, living miracle. 

You are the embodiment of divine love.

Miracles can happen to you because


you are a miracle!

Elizabeth Knudson, The Song Healer,  is a Virginia-based opera singer and performing artist, known for deeply captivating audiences with the natural brilliance of her voice while poignantly embodying the spirit of each character she portrays. Elizabeth graduated Cum Laude from the University of Houston with a BFA in Music. Elizabeth has extensive operatic training from The Moores Opera Center and recently gained favorable exposure as a soloist for Classical Revolution RVA. Elizabeth has performed on numerous opera stages and private venues across the country, with her most notable opera roles as Musetta in La Boheme and Antonia in Les Contes d’'Hoffman. Elizabeth is passionate about performing new opera works and feels privileged to have been featured and recorded the role of Barbara in Dominick Argento's Casanova's Homecoming with the Newport Classics Label. In addition to performing, Elizabeth teaches mindfulness techniques and has effectively helped over 16,000 students across 100 countries decrease stress and cultivate positive, fulfilled lives through singing, vocal toning and meditation.

'It is your time beloved to answer the call of your divine light and fully realize your perfection. Your inner divinity and the beauty in your soul are your true identity and birthright. We, The Beloved, are calling you, through eons of time, from your future and our past to remember your light and power. We send you words of healing through this special manuscript. We empower you in your fight to remember your inner light and shine it bravely. You have the ability to transmute the physical universe into pure love. You have the ability to eliminate suffering and the light and power within you! Join us in remembering your light when you read our words of healing and positive transformation.'

 - The Beloved. 



In Awakening to the Light Within You, Elizabeth Faye Knudson, intuitive healer and classical vocalist, translates key ascension codes that free readers from cycles of emotional pain, physical illness, and financial deficiency. She translates a series of energetic waves from the ethereal to the physical, resulting in concrete messages that shift the reader's energy, mind, body, and spirit.


These codes unravel archaic dogmas that have for millennia misled and even hurt the spiritual querent, healer, and apostate. The lessons disprove harmful and long-held beliefs that have limited humanity in the ability to self-heal and live with comfort and peace. In this work, she introduces fresh spiritual concepts that awaken readers to their limitless power and potential. She transfers healing energy via the written word and direct readers to connect with the healing power within themselves, which changes their entire outlook on their psychic abilities and opens their spiritual power to create positive life change. As the pages turn, the miracles abound—a far jump from similar books, which too often rely on regurgitated spiritual fodder and commonplace spiritual concepts.


The result? Past recipients of these teachings experienced a dramatic increase in lucrative business deals, instantaneous healing from intense physical pain, and the dissipation of long-term depression and anxiety. These concepts awaken an innate ability to attract miracles and upgrade the mindset of the querent to one of self-love, gratitude, self-acceptance, and non-judgment unfettered spiritual power. Readers of Awakening to the Light Within You will experience immediate positive upticks in their mood, outlook, and behavior, and every new idea consumed will spur an unwavering excitement to keep reading. They will quickly find themselves on a path of undeniable self-discovery as they begin to experience miracles in their everyday lives! This trajectory will keep them engaged participants in their own destinies by navigating their spiritual awakening, opening to the magic of their soul and creating strong patterns of positive attraction—all leading to a renewed feeling of hope for their future in this life and beyond. 


Awakening to the Light Within You serves as a unique self-healing tool that yields unprecedented results for those who engage it. It is the missing key in the ancient spiritual formula, which seeks to alleviate the pain and suffering of physical existence.  

 I am a woman, WILD with my own passion, wholly devoted to the beauty of my originality.


My devotion to love is too much for many people and places, my spirit won't fit in a kitchen, house, office and certainly not a church.

 I tell you I am wild.

My warmth often disarms strangers and my gaze may cause big scary beasts to giggle and sigh.

We wild ones are just wild, to us fear is tedious.  What is FEAR? I will always tell you it is a lie.

I hope you will join me in dancing through the cosmos and singing with the stars. 

All of our souls are celebrations of light, there is never a dull moment at the center of the heart of creation. 

My effulgent soul reverberates through time and space and even when you turn away from me it will forever ring in your ears, it's a ZINGER!

Take my hand let us sing and dance together. 


The Song Healer

Represented by Night 7 Productions

10509 Patterson Avenue 

Henrico, VA 


Business Phone : 804-537-2611

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