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Transform Your Life with Breath & Song 

Are you ready for a total life transformation?


Are you ready to leave behind relationships, careers, health issues, money blocks that leave you stuck in the same negative situation?


Would you like to align with your innate healing and psychic power, and truly realize the abundant life meant for you? Hi, I'm Elizabeth Faye, and I'm not just a life coach—I'm your guide to a transformative journey that defies the ordinary.


I have overcome Stage 3 Cancer with no chemotherapy thanks to my healing abilities, I have healed from toxic relationships and now live a life full of joy and peace.


I have fully realized myself as a healer, and manifested over a million dollars for myself and others, built multi-million dollar sales territories for Fortune 500 companies, used my gifts to support quantum healing from physical conditions like arthritis, cancer, emotional and behvariol challenges like PTSD, OCD and ADHD. 

I use my ability to channel healing messages, words and beautiful song melodies to support my clients in their journey to realizing their dreams. 


My abilities are rare, you won't run into another healer like me who can truly guide to total life transformation. Book your session today your abundance destiny is calling! 


Custom Packages Include

4 Intuitive Life Coaching Sessions
1 intuitive channeled message weekly
1 intuitive reading check in
1 remote energy healing session
Customized Guided Meditations
tailored to your specific issues
1 Full Healing Song written
and recorded exclusively for you

Investment: $997


Host A Song Healing Circle with Elizabeth Faye 

Sing your soul into bliss with divinely channeled melodies and messages. Align your energy with your highest soul and creator. Heal your spirit as Elizabeth Faye, Intuitive, Energy Healer, Classical Vocalists holds space for you to heal.

Elizabeth hosts healing song circles for groups in private, homes, churches, yoga studios and other sacred spaces. She leads you in prayer, meditation and song. You will sing and be song to, this is an evening of transcendent joy and peace. It's wonderful gift to share with friends and loved ones at any phase of life. 


Book Elizabeth 

We'll be in touch!

Upcoming Events

Just click to book! Tickets are $22 

Studio D Yoga  - Song Healing Circle
March 10th - 4:30-6:30

Sabrina Harvill, VA Beach

Her advice always re-aligns me with my purpose. I feel really calm, clear and supported have my time with her. 

Kirsten Chambers NY, NY

She is a trusted friend and spiritual advisor, her voice is one of my favorites, I recommend her as an intuitive coach and singer. She's given me great insights at critical times in my life.  

Tammy Chaney

Elizabeth's voice came to me at an important time in healing journey, as I battled cancer. Her voice and message brought me heart much comfort and healing. 
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Learn to Sing & Heal

Take my free class
Sing The Soul and
learn how to channel
healing energy while singing.

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