Nutrition is Queen! 

Healings Recipes

I am sharing healing and delicious that I use to heal my body, mind and spirit! 

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Screen Shot 2022-07-30 at 11.36_edited.jpg

Green Demon Smoothie

I call this the green demon smoothie for it's excessive amount of ginger! Yowza! 

Juice an entire head of celery

Juice 4 inches of ginger

Juice 4 green apples 

Drink and listen to your body thank you!

Celery juice and ginger can heal a myriad of ailments, they are my go to cancer healing ingredients. 

Fairy Dragon Smoothie

This one of my go to favs! I love to gaze at the fairy and dragon faces in the glass as I drink it! 

1 cup of carrot juice, freshly juiced, not store bought. 

1 /4 beet juice

4 inches of ginger juiced

1 inch of curcumin

2 oranges  in the blender

3 slices of pineapple in the blender 

handful of ice

blend, drink enjoy! 

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