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Corporate Wellness 

Breathwork & Song 

Reduce burn-out, office bickering, lack of motivation and increase creativity, dedication and inspiration for you and your employees. 

Elizabeth Faye, a certified breath work facilitator, meditation and hypnotherapy coach with a background as a high achiever in corporate sales brings a unique solution to creating positive and uplifting work environment that will help your company grow and thrive. 

Combining breathwork and therapeutic singing in a workshop for stressed, burned-out, and pressured employees offers a fun and unique approach to promoting well-being, resilience, and peak performance.


Increase Motivation

Breathwork and singing can both induce a state of relaxation, helping participants manage stress and reduce tension. Therapeutic singing allows for emotional expression, fostering a positive impact on mood and overall well-being.Breathwork and singing require focus and concentration, contributing to increased mindfulness, which can enhance cognitive performance.Singing in a group fosters a sense of community, improving communication and team dynamics among participants.Engaging in therapeutic singing can boost participants' confidence, providing a sense of empowerment that may positively affect their work performance.Participants leave with practical tools they can easily integrate into their daily lives to manage stress and pressure.Promoting self-care and well-being contributes to a positive workplace culture, reducing burnout and improving overall employee satisfaction.

Career & Life Coaching

Breathwork brings about profound realizations about one's life. Following every breath work session we offer transformational life and career coaching to support participants in processing realizations that come up during breath work and help them implement strategies to create positive change in their work and extracurricular life.


About Elizabeth 


Elizabeth is a seasoned sales executive, who has grown fortune 500 companies to the multi-millions and taught over 20K students on line how to regulate their emotions with mindfulness, breathing and singing. She graduated Cum Laude from the University of Houston, where she studied opera and classical music. After graduation she continued to write and sing music, and launched a career as a sales executive while raising a family.  During a battle with stage 3 colon cancer Elizabeth discovered the power of meditation as powerful way to reduce stress, set and achieved goals and manage her treatment to a positive outcome. After severa profound experiences during her cancer journey she decided to change her career and bring breath work and singing to help others.  Her clients experience the same benefits, of reduced stress, positive outlook and a deeper understanding of what their goals are and  how to achieve them. She also offers career and life coaching to help clients process the profound insights they have during her workshops. Elizabeth, now a single Mother of two teens, enjoys traveling all over the US teaching her breath and song technique to corporations, yoga studios and in private homes. 

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