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I am so grateful for your support! 

As a creative and artist most of my time is dedicated to meditation, praying, writing healing music and content. When you give you it allows me to have time to focus on creating healing content and distribute out to more people so they can experience healing and wholeness. 

Monthly Donations

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Individual Donations

Send Checks/Money Orders HERE.  
10509 Patterson Avenue 
Richmond, Va 23238

How I distribute donations. 

I pay myself a bit out of these expenses as I compose and co-produce al of my own material. I spend hours and hours making sure it's perfect and often need to hire outside help. 


A huge amount of proceeds are spent on marketing the content I create. It takes a great amount of effort and money to design marketing campaigns and pay for advertising. 

I love to bring my music and performances to other and part of the support I raise goes towards paying for venues to rent musicians to pa play with me and advertising for upcoming shows. 

Please consider helping me reach my goals.

Music Concert in NYC 

Mary Magdalene France Meditation Tour

I am currently raising $10K to perform a series music concerts along the East Coast, a highlight performance is planned for New York City in Fall of 2022. 

I am currently raising $10K  as I will be visiting the sacred sites that Mary Magdalene was reported to have lived after the ascensions of Christ. I will be recording beautiful music infused with healing from the sacred sites and sharing them with the world via YouTube, my website, Spofity, I- Tunes and  Apple Music. 

Song Healer Album 2022

I am currently raising $25K to write, record, produce and distribute the next Song Healer Album this will include peaches from the Mary Magdelene Tour. 

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