I Trust Song Healing 

Week 1 Free Class 

Welcome to Week 1 of the month long, I Trust Song Healing Journey! Please find the extended version of the below.  Simply download from the link. If you have any trouble please visit and join our Facebook Group HERE and leave a note under the post regarding the I Trust, Song Healing. I will do my best to make sure you get access to the extended version. 

If you cannot download it, you can always refer to the shorter version on YouTube HERE,



Make sure you download the PDF on this page, just below this text, read through the Spiritual Lesson and complete the journaling, so you can use the I Trust Song Healing properly.  Lesson 2 will be posted next week, if you are on my e-mail list you will get directions in your inbox! Stay tuned for online live Q & A at the end of this week. The link will be sent out on Thursday via e-mail, you can ask questions about all aspects of this during the live Q & A. 

Spiritual Lesson Download 

Week 2 Class 

This weeks healing is a channeled prayer and spoken healing transmission. This spoken healing transmission serves as spiritual guidance, instruction and direction. Listen to it a few times and speak it a few times OUT LOUD,  to fully absorb it into your energy body. I have included the spoken text as well so  read it aloud to yourself, every day this week and practice listening to the still small voice of God in the meditation as instructed. This practice of listening is the beginning of Channeling for a Song Healer. Make notes of all the solutions that are given to you in your notebook. Take at least a day to rest before you move onto the written exercise in the PDF below. 

Welcome to week 2 of your FREE month of Song Healing and Training!

This week's healing includes;

  • Channeled spoken healing and energy transmission session/ lesson, which is a live recording of my channeling session and a written version my channeling. 

  • PDF of spoken affirmation.


Week 3

Welcome to Week 3! This week you will begin toning and singing along with the I Trust Song Healing. This takes courage and it has the power to open immense energetic channels for you to receive divine guidance from your own intuitive source! This weeks lesson is pretty straight forward, watch the videos below and use the techniques to begin toning and singing along with the song healing. 

You will get the most out of this exercise if you sing with power and strength, meaning sing loudly when it's appropriate. Don't be afraid to really let your emotions take over, let the energy, sound and emotion flow out of you. If you are shy about singing loudly or shy who will hear you, my suggestion is going in the bathroom and turning the fan or shower on. This will mask some of the noise and allow you to be more comfortable singing loudly. The humidity assists with the warming and loosening the vocal chords. In addition the ions in the steamy air actually serves as conduit for energy so with all the positive vibrations you have coming from your body and the recording you will amplify the healing energy, making the experience even more powerful. Please be smart and don't allow any electronic devices near water! Be safe of course! Here are the two links to this weeks class! Have fun! I will post in the Facebook group to answer any questions and look for a live Q&A to answer any questions you may have. 

Vocal Sound Healing Video Lesson 1
Vocal Sound Healing Video Lesson 2

Week 4 Class

We have made it too week four! Some of you are in the final week of your free month of Song Healing classes! I am so proud of you for committing to your spiritual growth and making this far! You are truly a special individual, strong and quite talented to be able to make it this far. Many people putter out, but you kept committing to yourself and that makes you quite amazing, magical and powerful! 

To complete your final week simply download the PDF's below, pull up the link for the sung affirmations,  and download the sung light code recording and of course follow the directions. All of the links are below this message. 

A note on the sung light code, light code is not exact, you will see in the PDF an approximation of vowels and consonants. If you wish to sing along just do the best you can. The act of singing along with the melody and opening your heart to the healing is where the magic comes in, not in getting the consonants, vowels and pitches exactly right, so relax and have fun. If you prefer you can always just listen, use your inner guidance and do what feels right. 


I do have a special offer for you at end of the PDF, so be sure to read it all the way through before you begin your healing session.  I will continue to send you free healing tools and pay-to-learn offers  and meditations to work with me in the future. Once again I am so proud of you for making this far! Big hugs! 

Week 4 I Trust Song Healing Instructions & Teaching

Sung Light Code Translation

Sung Light Code Recording

Sung Affirmations Video 

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