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Spider Song Healing 

Hope you all enjoy this spider medicine song healing I put together this week.


For those of you who don't know what 'spider medicine' is, my version is not actual medicine you ingest but an emotional energetic imprint that we associate with spiders. 


When we focus on a spider it's role in our world and in nature we can learn how to live in balance with our own world by using the story of the spider to help us make positive changes in our own lives. 


This song healing was inspired by a tiny spider who went to hide in her web when she saw me coming her way. 


I began thinking how we all have webs we weave around us in the words, stories and ideas we believe to be true about ourselves and our reality.   


The web for the fly is a fatal death but for the spider it's a safe haven and home.   


Sometimes in life we are the fly and get tangled in webs, or we discover our belief systems around our identity no longer serve us. 


I feel in this Covid time many are experiencing a breakdown of  identity. 


Our webs of belief can just as often be a safe place to rest, regroup and re-invent ourselves.


So listen to this song from me and let your inner spider weave you into the world which you truly belong, right now. 


A word about the recording, it's rough and un-mastered I hope to have an album one day soon after many of these are completed and I choose my fav's for final release.

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