Healing Songs

by the Song Healer

What is the difference between a healing song and a song healing, as defined by Elizabeth - The Song Healer? 

A song healing is a healing session, where instead of a healing energy or a physical tool being used to heal the patient, the actual medicine or unseen energetic healing force is an audible sound. Song healing is energy that is sung. If you have ever had an energy healing you will understand that the energy comes through the healer, as the healer serves as a channel, and  the energy is sent into the recipients body. Usually during an energy healing the patient lies or sits quietly while the healer sends healing energy through their hands to different points on the patients body. In a song healing the energy is sung into the body and the energy field of the patient. It comes in the form of different notes, vowels, rhythms, words, syllables, light language and various sounds. 

A song healing isn't like a song you would hear on the radio nor is it usually structured in the same way. Most songs composed in the Western tradition have a specific format. This consists of a main musical idea, that is repeated over and over again, with variations on that idea to keep the song from being repetitive. Songs usually take some time to write out however some composers are able to write songs in one take, it is not the normal occurrence. Most of the time songs are worked on for days before they are finished. Song healings by Elizabeth The Song Healer are usually recorded on the spot, in one take or one recording session, they are channeled sometimes while she engages light trance mediumship. 

A light trance medium is a psychic healer who stays conscious while bringing messages of healing from the spirit world to the physical world. The Song Healer's song healings are composed in a flow of conscious thought style, which means they are not thought out in advance or edited. Elizabeth opens up to the healing energy of God and sings the notes, speaks and sings the words, sounds syllables (also known as light code) that she empathically feels the Holy Spirit would like her to convey for the highest good and healing of the patient. Elizabeth The Song Healer is an empathic healer as well as, clairvoyant healer, song healer, and Reiki Master. Emptahtic healers often feel the emotions of others, and receive psychic information, messages, and energy in the form of physical sensation and emotion. 

Elizabeth's song healings usually consist of a healing energetic melody, a group of light code syllables, words, and messages she receives for healing purposes of the patient. After the channeling session has finished and she documented the healing via recording, she often then separately creates a healing song from that song healing. 

For instance, she will take the main healing melody and use it as a verse or chorus, part of the main idea of the song. She will then meditate and write additional lyrics that support the main message of the song. Her healing song will usually have a verse and chorus section and often intro, outro, and pre-chorus sections. Because she has written healing from a song healing she feels it has great energetic healing qualities and can be used for meditation, ceremony or played during energy healings for enhancement and support of healing. 

Her healing songs are usually more for entertainment, listening pleasure, dance, and singing along to versus her song healings which are more geared to listen to, pray and meditate to, and especially to absorb healing energy from. 

Many other artists have written beautiful healings songs, with lyrics that positively affirm healing for the listener while also empathizing with the pain they may be feeling.


There are many lists on the grande ol' interwebs, where you can find a great list of healing songs, one of the first that pops up on google search is at https://www.xoandso.com/2017-healingplaylist/

My personal favorite is list is curated by one of my favorite transformational singers and songwriters, Marya Stark, not only does it have her amazing music on it but it has a list of many powerful healing songs by other female singers. I listen to this whenever I feel down, low in energy or in need of a pick me up, you can access the list on Spotify here. 

Are you looking for healing where may experience sending healing energy to your own body through song? Try, listening to, and singing along with  Ree Mah Tuh Eh by Elizabeth - The Song Healer. This healing song is infused with positive energy, affirmations, and specifically intended to dissolve negative energy that is often the cause of disease and pain. 

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