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Learn to Sing & Heal

🎶⭐️Are you a vocalist, coach, or healer that has always wondered if you could use your singing voice to heal?  🎶💫


Hi! My name is Elizabeth - The Song Healer, and I teach people how to heal themselves and the world around them with singing and songwriting. 



I recently finished a 20-month battle with Stage 3 Rectal Cancer. ❤️‍🩹


🏆🌈My body is now cancer-free, with no chemo, radiation, or surgery, AND thanks to the miracle of modern medicine, energy healing, a positive mindset, and SINGING! 


👩‍🎓Today I am teaching the techniques I used to heal with singing and energy in my new course, Vocal Coaching Certification. 


In this class, you will receive one-on-one and group coaching and learn to…


Tap into the limitless healing potential of your voice! 


💫🎶You learn vocal exercises and songwriting techniques that bring in healing energy and allow you to go deep into meditation to access the healing energy that exists in your body and all around you. 


✨🧿Awaken your intuition, and use your psychic intuitive abilities to bring healing messages in for yourself and others!


💵👩‍🎓Build a thriving healing business, I teach you a business plan to make 10K in the first month and six figures in the first year!

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