Are you a healer? This message could save your life...

I want you to know that you ARE a healer and you are meant to experience healing miracles EVERY DAY.

You have been placed on this earth in this reality to heal it.

It is your main purpose.

We all do this in different ways, as we all have special talents.

Many of you healers, are afraid to be seen and heard. You are afraid of ridicule, rejection and most of all afraid of opening to the power that lives inside of you.

It’s imperative you understand that Song Healing is the most gentle, thorough and effective way to healing your fear and fulfilling your role on this earth, in this life, as a healer.

This is an urgent message, how do I know? Turn on the news, read the news headlines, when we turn from our light we live in darkness. When choose fear, the darkness begins to close in on us.

Migrant children at the U.S. & Mexican border

When we turn from our power to heal we become imprisoned by fear and our fear creates prisons for others. We must break out of this mentality and reclaim our healing power, in order to free for ourselves, our fellow man and live in peace.

We cannot waste anymore time, our people require healing, our planet requires healing, it is time for our light to shine. It is time to overcome the darkness. Why are healers so afraid to step out and do their work?

As a healer the largest fear block you hold onto is a result of not knowing who you are and what you have to say. You aren’t quite sure who you are as a healer yet. You know you have a powerful message but you have not defined it.

How would you feel if you had to give a speech on the meaning of life in front of 1,000 people but you weren’t sure what you were going to say?

A terrifying prospect isn’t it? I understand this fear. This is why as a healer. I personally have struggled with stopping and starting my healing work so many times.

I had no idea who or why I was. I had not defined my core message, I had not been introduced to my authentic self. Instead I was confused, and I was hiding under stories passed down to me from my family, peer group and society about who I was and who I should be.

It was only when I was pushed to the edge of my darkness that I found my soul purpose and found my voice.

Last year I spent three days lying in bed next to Mother as she died. It was heartbreaking, scary, eerie and it took to me to the edge of my sanity.

There were other things going on with me as well, over the years the same problems kept pulling me back and knocking the wind out of me as a healer. I would take one step forward and then hide again. After my Mother passed, everything came to a head. In short, it was a near devastating financial set-back and marital issues, plus thew loss of an extremely meaningful friendship that left me completely broken.

I felt completely alone, unloved and unwanted. I felt like a total loser. At times I thought I had nothing to live for, I am so glad I have children as they often brought me back from the edge. I wanted to pull myself together for them but I couldn’t find the strength. I felt helpless and struggled to pick myself back up.

As my spirit languished in the darkness, a little light flickered, it was the song in my heart. The light said to me, ‘Just sing little a bit Elizabeth. Just for a few moments, remember how amazing it feels when you sing?’ I contemplated the light and watched as the flames danced back and forth. They beckoned to me to come and play.

So I began to hum gently and the spark grew to a small flicker, the flicker to a flame and now the flame is a roaring fire and it wants to ignite your soul and your voice as well.

This fire I have is your fire too. It wants you to awaken to your soul purpose, open your singing and speaking voice and surround you with glorious light as you fulfill your soul purpose as a healer.

You do not have to endure the angst I endured to find your soul purpose. In fact, finding your soul purpose, who you are and what you have to say, will be your greatest aid when you encounter life’s adversities, it is your saving grace. It is the anchor that keeps your grounded, the cornerstone you hold onto the ground shakes and the light that illuminates the the darkness closes in...

The voice of your soul purpose will save your life.

Your voice is your purpose and your purpose illuminates your path.

Healer! Listen!

Your VOICE is the medicine.

Once I had discarded all the stories, reached down to my core and embraced by core authentic self, I began to be able to speak in front of thousands of people without hesitation.

In fact yesterday my broadcast reached over 6,000 people around the world and I didn’t blink an eye, well actually I giggled and in the past I used to run and hide.

If you are ready to let go of the blocks that keep you on an up and down emotional roller coaster, and obstruct you from flourishing, spiritually, emotionally and financially as a healer, I invite you to study Song Healing with me. I believe so strongly in my program I am offering you the first 3 lessons FREE!

In the Art of Song Healing Class we…

  • Define your soul purpose and strengthen your healing voice.

  • Improve your speaking voice and technique through vocal exercises and message presentation technique.

  • Learn singing and Song Healing - if you can sing your soul song in front a group, you easily speak your soul purpose in front the world.

  • Learn how to read people, situations and the world intuitively.

  • Learn business building and powerful manifestation techniques to align your finances so you can speak and sing as full-time vocation. (In addition to being a healer I am a ex-corporate sales rep that has built multi-million dollars territories for numerous companies.)

The first 3 days we set groundwork for finding your healing voice and opening your soul purpose so you can illuminate your path and find yourself as a healer.

Song Healing is a modality we can all use, even if you can’t sing very well, or at all. There are different types of Song Healers, some are meant to perform, others are meant to use their voices as literal instruments for healing, some do both.

Song healing opens your soul purpose, it opens your healing voice.

Want to know how?

Join me in the first 3 days of my Song Healing Program starting July 4hth 2018. Yes, I picked the U.S. Independence day for a reason!

In the meantime keep an eye out for my healing broadcasts, a description of the full program and inspirational messages and healing on FB & Instragram LIVE. During these live session you can ask questions about the program and empower your life and voice!

Starting on this journey marks the start of your emotional, spiritual and physical independence! You find your voice and you ARE free!

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