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  • Elizabeth Knudson

Can you be kind AND stop the spread?

If you vigilantly wear a mask, if you don't let anyone in your home, if you haven't had any physical social interaction with anyone but those in your quarantine group you are 'good liberal'

It is possible to resist and still be kind? How do we stand up to injustice, cruelty, hatred, bigotry, racism, and sexism from a place of love without getting annihilated by the brute force of the masses?

If ever there was a time to learn how it's now!

I have made this mistake countless times; I try to stand up for love and kindness and inevitably end up saying or writing something hurtful that alienates the individual with whom I oppose.

We are seeing this a lot in the media, if you lean to the far left ( like I do ) you may have noticed the relentless attacks of those on the right.

In this pandemic culture, it's almost as if one has to prove oneself as Democrat, liberal, progressive by how well one is 'quarantining' (if that's not a word it probably will be soon).

If you vigilantly wear a mask, if you don't let anyone in your home, if you haven't had any physical social interaction with anyone but those in your quarantine group you are 'good liberal' at least that's what I have picked on. There is nothing wrong with those choices if they work for you. However, there are a lot of people with mental health challenges, economic hardship, complicated families, difficult marriages, and extremely dysfunctional living situations whose physical and mental well being would be compromised if they were forced to adhere to the choices that work for you and your family.

What I have noticed is that if I happen to take a walk in the park without a mask or let my child play with the kid down the street one day, or ask a friend to stay at my home for a few days, I might just be an undercover, gasp, 'Trump Supporter'.

Have you noticed how this pandemic has amplified the opportunity to judge others and essentially choose fear over love? There are so many opportunities to do this and the many channels like the news and social media have made it easier than ever before to do so.

I have also noticed an incredible surge in snarky, rude comments from people in different types of online groups. I am a member of Facebook gardening groups, positive vibe groups, spiritual groups, real estate groups, etc. (all kinds) and folks are beating up on each other for no reason other than they are using Facebook as an outlet for their stress. This is a problem because when we use others as a punching bag for our negative emotions, we spread the negativity we are feeling to others, they internalize it and then spread it to others, it simply builds up in our collective consciousness like a virus, sound familiar?

Could it be that our energetic emotional imprint is manifesting as a virus in the physical world? Only some witchy-woo-woo, new age kook would suggest something like that so I suppose that person might as well be me.

This virus is very real, people are dying, people's suffering is truly being politicized by both political parties to manipulate all of us into behaving in a way both parties require to get the results they desire at the polls in the fall.

None of the messaging from either party is truly focused on helping the people, except for maybe Bernie Sander's messaging, and the last I heard he dropped out of the race out to you guessed it, focus on the people.

Stress does not dissipate when you take it out on another person, it amplifies, then it comes back to you in a stronger form. People are frightened, angry, confused, uncertain frustrated and many do not have the skills to be self-aware enough to sit and process their emotions so they take it out on others.


I know it's hard I have made a few snarky comments myself.

My point is Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, the world at large in the new age of social distancing is now a place where we can easily forget we are interacting with other humans with real emotions.

We need to turn this around. We will not solve any of our problems without unity. As humans occupying the planet earth we all must agree on some basic points if we wish to survive pandemics, global warming, or what others call 'climate change', injustice, racism, and all acts that interfere with our ability to live in prosperity and peace.

Use your words to heal not wound and you will see our country and world-conquering this pandemic very quickly.

The answer is always unity and love.

Think before you speak, post, speak, comment, and react.

This is an opportunity for all of us to become more adept at lovings others who are different than we are. We have no business judging others, even if they are hateful and awful unless we can incarnate as them and experience their spiritual karma, live with their DNA, and feel their specific life experience, we have no clue what another person is going through.

So here's how we turn all this hate around, this is a big opportunity let's take the challenge to love.

Step One.

When someone says something that infuriates you, hurts you, triggers you deep, deep down, or is even just a little irritating - JUST DON'T REACT.

Take some time to reflect on your interaction with that individual. Ask yourself why it made you so upset? Are there other areas in your life where you are feeling extreme emotion? How are they similar? What can you change to make yourself more at ease? Remind yourself that not reacting immediately in anger is a huge act of self-love that can potentially heal the entire planet. You are that powerful. Choose to be a super-hero, for your own gratification. It's a good kind of selfish.

When you set an example of love, peace, confidence, and strength others will be drawn to you. It's so rare these days people are desperately seeking a lighthouse in the storm.

Be the lighthouse.

Step Two.

Make time every day to focus on a deep sense of love, gratitude, and self -appreciation. It's that easy just take some time every day to focus your emotions, mind, and intention on loving YOU. It can be as simple as a few moments of deep breathing, a smile on your face, and with the idea that you are glad you exist. Meditate on the things about you that make you smile.

Pretend for a moment, you are your best friend, what aspects you would put a smile on your face if were to describe what great friend you are? If you just start with that practice it will take on a life of its own and guide you into a much deeper state of inner peace.

Step Three

When you do speak, comment, react, pause to think about the most loving way you can express what you have to say. This doesn't mean sugarcoating the truth but it does mean taking your ego out of the statements you make. Speak logically, communicate to understand, not to win an argument.

Step Four

Be ready to walk away when it becomes obvious that an understanding is not a realistic goal. Sometimes we are just planting seeds of love and understanding that will bloom later. We aren't meant to stick around and watch every seed we plant grown into a lush forest.

The answer is the same as it has always been, it's as simple, easy, and difficult as it has always been.

Choose love.

Do you have some ideas about how you can be more loving while stopping the spread of COVID-19 and other nasties in the collective consciousness? Comment below.

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Be Blessed!

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