Increase Money & Love Flow with 'Ah'!

Want to increase the flow of money and love into your life?

Simply chant 'ah' for 5 minutes a day, it's easy & FREE!

So how does it work? It's extremely easy you just...

Chant on 'Ah' for 5 minutes every day for 5 days and make a note afterwards on the following...

1. How do you feel?

2. Did you feel the urge to sing a melody?

3. What realizations came to you after chanting ah?

As you make this your daily practice you will notice...

An Increase in patience, compassion and the ability to tolerate strong emotions wether they are perceived as good or bad. This clears any blocks you have to receiving love.

An increase in empathic psychic awareness, being able to sense others feelings more deeply and become more aware of your own feelings along with a deep sense of inner peace and well being!

This clears money blocks or resistance to acquiring wealth.

Ah is the vowel associated withe heart chakra. Green & the sound Ah are both associated with the Heart Chakra

The color is green is associated with monetary abundance and earthly abundance.

Green is the color of the grass on the earth and in many countries the color of money.

Visualizing the color green while chanting ah is a powerful way to program your mind and energy to be open to receive love, money or monetary support.

Ah is the vowel associated often with the first sound we make when we are born 'waaaahhhh' and sounds of positive realization and creation or appreciation. It is the sound of life, thriving, living and growing. When we chant ah we program our energy to do more of these things.

'Ah by jove, I think you've got it!'

'Ah I have never thought of that before!'

'Ah that's the spot.' Or A-ha! I understand now!'

'Ah I am so happy.'

Chanting ah for 5 minutes a day can increase your intuition, bring wonderful realizations and ideas to the forefront of your mind, and increase inner peace, joy and happiness. Want to know more on exactly how 'Ah' can increase love and abundance? Subscribe to this blog I will sharing more on how to use ah to increase love and abundance!

But for now...I am off to chant on Ah! I will let you know how it goes! AH!

xox ~ Elizabeth Knudson - The Song Healer

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