Free mini-course starts today! Rose Frequency Healing with the Rose Moon

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

I was going to write this really deep meaningful post about ascension, clearing your throat chakra and tell you all about the energetic beings I have been translating for called The Beloved, but while I was writing I got a huge energetic download on what really wants to manifest...

A Rose Moon Song Healing

So instead, I am going to list all the reasons you should come, sing and heal with me over the next few days in my FREE mini-course which culminates in an online event! If you can't make the event no worries, the free course will remain on my website

Rose Frequency Healing is VERY powerful and you absolutely do not have to coordinate with the Rose Moon for it to be effective. If you can make time to read my e-mails and join in on the June 28th, I strongly advise it as the moon energy is extremely potent right now!

To attend our big finale you must RSVP so watch for the e-mail invite/or post with the directions on how to attend.

So why should you attend ?

You should totally come and hang out with me online for my Rose Moon/Strawberry Moon Song Healing Circle because we will....

Have a lot of fun creating our healing Rose Moon altar, ( over the next few days I will be sending out posts as to what I am including and techniques you can use to create a powerful healing alignment.)

Learn about Rose Frequency Healing - this is a new technique I am learning from The Beloved. It's a beautiful healing technique that uses the energy of the rose to allow you to follow your emotional 'boo-boos' (pain) back to your inner truth and realign you with your purpose, renew your passion and energy! These lessons will come before the celebration keep an eye on your e-mail if you opt in or my posts. Hint: you have to follow somewhere to get the class.

We will sing in healing full moon manifesting frequencies.

Learn some great healing songs and sing together to move negative energy that is holding us back. (keep an eye out for the songs you will want to be familiar with BEFORE ceremony.) No-one will be put on the spot but at least have an idea for the melody of the songs.

Learn why using your voice and singing is extremely important in letting go of fear so you can rapidly manifest your deepest desires.

Q&A: You will get to ask me questions about psychic stuff and energetic healing.

Someone who attends will earn very powerful Rose Frequency Healing value of $275. (that is not a typo)

If you would like to opt in for this healing ceremony you can opt in at website....

Message me on FB, Instragram or try to communicate with telepathically (not advised as lately all I can think about is Max Irons and Chocolate Chip Cookies and it probably has to do with my 'no-wine' cleanse.)

In the meantime here is healing photo with strong fairy and angel energy, I take these healing photos regularly, take a few moments and meditate on it, jot your thoughts down and keep an eye out for the next e-mail after you sign up at


Elizabeth Knudson -The Song Healer

This me sending you juicy vibes, you are AMAZING! XOXOXO - EK


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