From Shame to Triumph

I have survived being the target of sexual abuse, self-medicating through chemical dependency, co-dependent relationships and abandonment from friends and family.

Despite my unattractive past, I was able to turn my life around, get a scholarship to college, graduate Cum Laude, create a best-selling self-healing class and use my singing voice to help people tap into their own ability to self heal.

How did I do this? How can I live with the shame of my past and my humiliating mistakes?

One day when I was so very close to saying goodbye to the precious life God gave me I realized, that regardless of all my imperfections, my true nature, is creation of God's, my true self is perfect love. This realization changed everything for me!

First I realized....

I am perfect in the love of Divine Mother-Father God. I can choose remember my perfection and power every day and when I do this brings me more peace and joy than any shameful life experience.


I have survived much emotional pain and yet it's so very little compared to others pain in this world. I realize if I choose to feel gratitude for the gifts in my life, instead of focusing on what I lost, I have access to an ever deeper well of peace, joy and love for others and myself!


My faults or mistakes were actually my higher-soul's way of teaching me how to tap into rare special spiritual gifts, gifts that are specific to me and that I had no idea, I could ever have. (Spoiler, you also have these! We all do and every gift is unique to each person!)

We are all survivors in this lifetime.

Celebrate your mistakes because they are your souls way of mending you back together with The Source (another word I use for God) that created you.

The pain in our mistakes opens a window to change. No-one likes to feel bad, I mean, really, really really bad and at some point in our suffering we can make a choice to cry out to God to alleviate our suffering. When we make this choice we humble ourselves to the voice and direction of our Great Creator or the Highest Good.

At some point realize we can't handle all the pain on our own and we open our hearts to supernatural wisdom, knowledge and strength.

'God! Make it stop! I'll do anything just make the pain go away! '

God is not the merciless, dominatrix whipping out the lashes from heaven, God is simply the light inside us we have been avoiding our entire lives because we believed we weren't worth enough to claim that light for own.

All the negative experiences are just complications in a very lot plot in a story called, 'our life'.

When we finally realize this, we also have the opportunity to experience physical miracles, things like miraculous healing, delivery from terrible situations and unexpected blessings and favor.

Have you ever cried so hard that there was nothing left? Have you ever gotten so angry with God and asked why me? I don't deserve this? I have and after all my tears and rage was spent, a quiet assurance filled me and I realized I had to reach a place of total hopelessness before I was willing to listen to a higher wisdom and allow it to help me navigate hurtful challenges. As I allowed for God's voice to guide me I realized this voice had been inside me all along I was just too afraid to trust it. God's voice asked me to do things that terrified me like... quite my cushy job as a sales rep and forge a career as an energy healing singer.

As I began to really listen to to the voice of God, or the Highest Good, that still small voice inside some call intuition, or one's Higher Soul, I was able to able to sit back and view the beautiful tapestry that all of my successes and failures created. I saw that everything serves God's highest good and this, when I chose to listen gives me infinite peace.

This realization when I choose to really see it, blisses me out, it allows me to sit back and breathe a sigh of relief. It allows me to simply feel gratitude for the powerful force that weaves all things together everywhere into It's eternal perfection.

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