Get over the people who are over you.

It's time to move on if....

Here's some heart medicine so hold on tight!🌈❤️🌈❤️

Oftentimes people, friends, lovers, even family won’t tell you, ‘Hey, I’m over this relationship.’ ‘I don’t desire this level of closeness anymore’ Not everyone has the stomach for speaking their truth, it can be a heartbreaking endeavor. Many people will simply keep up the status quo in a relationship because they don’t have the heart to break it off when they’re really not into the friendship, or romantic relationship anymore.💔💔

One can go a REALLY long time thinking and feeling a relationship is healthy, and many of us lie to ourselves or find away of avoiding the truth; that a relationship is out of balance and it’s time to pull back your energy and re-evaluate the exchange. 🧐🧐.

It takes a lot of courage to do this and there’s a lot of risk involved as well. 🕊One way to tell if a relationship is out of balance is if someone stops showing up for you OR you realize they never did show up consistently in the first place. They stop returning calls, texts, making time for you, wanting to help you, contributing to the partnership with affection, intimacy, time or money.

When people stop showing up they are kind of over you or some part of you, or maybe they just couldn’t even handle all of you since the beginning and you are just now waking up to that fact. 😞

I know this is tough to accept bu it’s in your best interest to pay attention and evaluate your energy exchange. It doesn’t mean the relationship has to end necessarily but unless they change... once you have awoken to the fact they are MIA often, your relationship will change. The more you awake to self-love the more you awake to a lack of self-love in others. People don’t show up for you because they can’t show up for themselves. They can’t show up themselves because they haven’t fully learned or aren’t learning how to love themselves. It’s not personal it’s their journey however it does affect you on yours.

What’s important is that you’re getting what you require to feel supported and validated on your life journey from the people who are available to trade energetic support. This changes as you change and people change. You deserve what you require so that you can fully realize yourself. It’s a vital part of self-care. Self-care is a vital part of spiritual growth and that cannot be overlooked. If it is you get stuck! So please pay attention to how people show up for you! You deserve the best! 🌈 I love you. I’m proud of you.❤️ I believe in you.🦋 . . #thesonghealer #intuitive #healer #musicmedicine #song #singer #vocalist


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