Healer; A Dealer In darkness & Light.

Where are you in your dance between the darkness and light?

I urge you not to give up.

Is there a dream you are struggling to realize?

Read on..

I walked into my sons room around 8 in the morning on July 23rd 2018. The clock was set on 5:55. This number signifies change, it's known as a numeric code with a message from the divine; necessary change is coming, it may be difficult but it will be worth the struggle and sacrifice. Keep going you are headed in the right direction, follow your gut!

555 signifies change, it's known as a numeric code with a message from the divine; necessary change is coming, it may difficult but well worth the struggle and sacrifice. Keep going you are headed in the right direction, follow your gut!

Are you being sent literal messages on what patterns of the past require healing during this powerful time?

I sure am! I bet you are too. Below you will see the comic book entitle 'Bad Guys' I didn't notice this until after I wrote this article and posted the picture. It makes perfect sense as the angels are calling us to review the negative patterns symbolized by literal 'bad guys' in our lives and how we can heal these patterns. Now is a powerful time to examine these patterns as we are headed into Mercury in Retrogade followed by the Blood Moon Eclipse in July of 2018.

We all have patterns of abuse, they are related to embracing a fear based way of living versus a love based way of living. My pattern which I thought I healed, showed itself to me again. It's Leviathan like tentacles deftly grasped at me from the merky seas of my subconscious mind. A negative pattern in my life appeared as a pedophile and mentally abusive person who dominated me for the greater part of my adolescence and young adulthood. I will not go into the specifics as I do not wish to set a off a trigger for any reader, I will state that he took a huge part of my life away from me that I will never get back.

But before we get into that story and it's meaning I want to you take note that we are entering into a time of powerful change! I see my angels are reminding me of this in the picture and now as I am relaying this message they are reminding you. We are all of us blessed in all ways, regardless of our circumstances. The angels are constantly looking to help us heal our wounds and escape darkness.

All of us on planet earth are heading into a powerful eclipse on 7/27 this is the day after my 41st birthday and Mercury enters into retrograde on my birthday - so all the energies are driving me and now you, to review the past in order to heal the present. I invite you to heal with me, I am offering 3 classes with guided audio meditations for FREE, to access click the link at the end of the article.

I intuitively received the teaching for these classes from the Divine, Source, Our Highest Good, they reminded how important this inner work is as I was greeted by the 5:55 alarm clock message with the 'bad guys' warning. Could the angels be more obvious?

My dreams the previous night, reminded me of my lost career as an opera singer and the abusive relationship that spanned from the time I was 13 -27 which was a huge interference in my ability to take on the pressure and rejection of the classical music world.

In one way it’s tragic, I was a really talented singer (still am) and operatic actress, but in another way the wound has catapulted me to a level of intuitive awareness I may not have achieved so quickly without the trauma. The desperation of those times in that relationship drove me to find something to which I could grasp onto in order to survive, an intuitive lifeline in a hopeless storm.

This person, was extremely controlling and emotionally abusive, my mind was dominated by fear and darkness I was terrified to leave him. I was like a little animal frozen dumb with fear. I could have left at anytime but my mind was so dominated by his presence I was sure it would be the end of me if I did leave. Eventually, I realized that despite my circumstances there was a greater good at work and if I just kept talking to it, praying to it and beseeching it, somehow it would save me or help me save myself. So I prayed a lot, and focused my mind on the good things to come and asked repeatedly for a way out.

One day my prayers were answered and I escaped, but just barely. I could still sing beautifully, I had had singing success despite all the trauma. I was cast in two professional operas before graduating university, I was on scholarship at university and I was cast above many upperclassmen (much to their chagrin). I finally found the courage to leave when the abuser showed up at rehearsal and began to pick a fight with the lead tenor in the production. This abuser was so jealous he would stop at nothing to sabotage my success and happiness. The singers gathered around me and urged me to leave him. A few singing colleagues offered their homes to me and I stayed there until I found a place to live. Singing and singers saved my life!

I wish I could tell you things got immediately better, but truthfully I’m still in recovery. My spiritual practice, the process of finding and strengthening my voice has saved me. I was trapped with that abuser because I could not find my voice to leave him. Now through intuitive healing, that has shown me how strong and protected I am, I have the courage to speak my truth and a way to find my voice through speaking, singing and writing. I am in a MUCH better place now yet I’m continually amazed at the negative patterns that I’m still engaging in. I’m completely blind to them so often! It’s almost laughable.

We must be real if we want to heal.

There is no healer on earth who has conquered all their demons, that’s what keeps us in this reality.

Yes. I’m a healer and a dealer in darkness and light. I had to be immersed in the darkness so I could understand it and so I could appreciate the light and how very precious it is. I’m grateful for having been in that dark place because I can look into others lives without fear and judgement.

What saved me and continues to save me from getting stuck in the darkness is my voice. The voice that has the courage to say ‘I love you’ - ‘ I am safe’ - I am worthy’ not only to myself but to others, even the abuser. I have learned to forgive by acknowledging and affirming that I am stronger than he and so he cannot control me anymore.

Where are you in your dance between the darkness and light? I urge you not to give up. Is there a dream you are struggling to realize?

If you wish to overcome the darkness you must find your voice. Know your why; why you exist, your purpose, learn how to speak it out into the world and use it to conquer the darkness inside.

This alone is the first step to ‘life’ success.

This is the core teaching of The Sacred Art of Song Healing, we connect with our Spirit Voice, write, speak and sing our way home to our divine healing soul light.

On the way we experience, remember and harness our magic!

Yes, real magic, the energy in the world around you changes and you remember that you are a magical being that can change the very fabric of the universe when you begin to believe it is possible.

The result? Our message is so strong that our voices, all of them are undeniable!

Are you someone who wants to magnetize people to your voice, message and presence?

Join me, get three classes which include a song healing, guided and audio meditation free, HERE.

In love & Abundance

Elizabeth - The Song Healer



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