Ascension Codes 'Your Perceived Failure Is A Gift.'

I receive messages and what I call ascension codes from a conciseness stream called ‘The Beloved’. This is a stream of conciousness we all share and it speaks and sends healing from the Ascension Frequency. The messages come to awaken us to the light, or the unlimited power and love of which we all are made. This message is a literal transcription of words, and within those words live emotions and intention, within that, energetic codes to further awaken you on your spiritual journey. I am currently putting a book together of all the messages I have received. As you read this you will receive light energy healing to help you integrate ascension consciousness, heal and align abundance in your life!

Light Code Healing Message from the Beloved...

‘Beloved you must remember that you are a sacred being of divine light. You are created from and connected with the highest source of good and purest source of love that exists. You are that, you are pure goodness and you are pure love.

We realize reading this message can be rather off putting to some who feel they have failed miserably in their life, or have been taught that they are in some way bad, who have trouble doing the ‘right’ thing for themselves and others whether it be caring properly for their body, being kind to others, exceling in a career path, the ability to surround themselves with loving family and admirers and the list goes on.

We realize many of you feel like failures in this regard.

It is true in the ideal of the physical reality some would judge you as failures. However we are here to tell you these failures are exactly what make you a ‘success’ based on your purpose for this lifetime.

You are a success because you were meant to experience failure, dive deep into your conscious mind and remember your eternal goodness and then transform your lives into pure love, peace and joy.

You are not meant to experience the world in a traditional way and so trying to be a success in the traditional way will always feel pointless and rather exhausting

You are meant to forge a new path of abundance in the physical world based on energy, choice, thought, emotion and then action.

Rejoice beloved for even now your currently reality is shifting into one of great abundance, a healing light, much like a flood light is saturating every cell in your body with the rembreance of gratitude for the divine being you are.

Be still, continue to seek out the truth in your hear, honor your feelings and you will find your way more and more.’

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Elizabeth ~ The Song Healer


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