How To REALLY Manifest Your Dreams

The one missing ingredient manifesting gurus leave out of the equation.

A quick healing tip about real manifesting power.

Many of us lose sight of our dreams because we were told by the world, society or our peers they weren't realistic.

In my personal manifesting journey, my dream is to be able to heal people's broken, spirits, hearts, and bodies by singing healing over and into them.

I was told by some this was heretical, sacrilegious and others just looked at me like I was crazy or completely full of myself. I resisted pursuing my destiny as a 'Song Healer' for a long time but once I finally embraced it and began to sing for people, I've have had the experience to have listeners practically run up to me after performances to tell me how my singing permanently altered them in a positive way.

It wasn't until I believed in myself and trusted in God to do what I couldn't fathom, that I began to understand how to realize a dream that others find ridiculous.

God or 'The Greater Good'; the force of good in the universe, the great kind cosmic intelligence, however you wish to refer to that indefinable massive presence, wants us to believe in ourselves, after all God believes in us, it's literally how we were created!

In the past I have invested much of my own hard earned money and precious time on 'manifestation' classes and techniques. Here's what the big secret to manifesting..

Trust in yourself and trust in God! It's that easy! Your belief and love for yourself and God are the keys to manifesting.

You see many people go after dreams that aren't really their own. They don't take the time to really dig deep and discover what their dreams are versus the expectations that their peers, family, and society have put on them.

Taking the time to get to know yourself and giving yourself space to be you is what must happen above all else if you wish to manifest your dreams into reality. A key component of this process is prayer and meditation, you must take time to listen to God's voice. God's voice is always with you and always speaking to you, God created you and God's voice is inside you as all things were created by God. If you aren't sure where that is inside you or in your world look for the good and you will find God.

Taking time to get to know yourself and your creator is a form of self-care and self-love that is vital for your happiness.

It is true when you are on the right track in your life things will begin to fall into place. People and opportunities will begin to align before you and support you in your fulfilling life-purpose. But first, you have to believe in yourself enough to start down that path.

Believe in yourself, trust God, express your gifts by pursuing your talent and passion. Do this and your dreams will follow. - Elizabeth - The Song Healer


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