Hubby just called me out on my ‘PROSPERITY’ class!

“Elizabeth” he chided me, “I don’t understand how you can say… ‘I discovered a healing method that aligned all the financial support I could ever need, healed my love life and gave me a deep sense of peace and joy.’ when we still argue, we aren’t multi-millionaires and obviously, you don’t float around like an angel on cloud nine?’

We aren’t multi-millionaires and obviously, you don’t float around like an angel on cloud nine.

‘Yes,’ I replied. ‘All the things you say are true, but I don’t claim to teach people how to ‘get rich’ or financial abundance as being equivalent to extravagant monetary gain. You see even if despite all my efforts to be fiscally responsible I somehow ended up broke under a bridge, I would still believe I have all the financial support I could ever need.

My daily intuitive practice of listening to God’s voice allows me to be at peace knowing despite any of my mistakes, all is working out to God’s perfect plan, to the highest good. I believe there is no situation that can be a strip of my positive abundance or remove God’s presence and blessings from my life . God is in me, I am always connected to God, God is supreme positive abundance and so when I am in obedience to God’s voice otherwise known as my intuition, I am always in alignment with the exact amount of financial support I require, even if it doesn’t measure up by the world's standards as being ridiculously wealthy. Besides we aren’t all meant to be rich, we are all meant to be at peace and in full alignment with our identity as pure love and that has nothing to do with the size of one’s bank account.

‘Anyway,’ I sighed as I had a quick mental flash of many painful years from the past.

'Anyway, I spent my early twenties paying the bills of an abusive boyfriend while putting myself through college, despite that horrible situation I graduated Cum Laude from university. After I graduated, I met you, the man of my dreams, and we were married! Despite your issues with alcoholism I was able to move to the top rankings in my sales territory at my corporate job and build a multi-million dollar territory. I also birthed and am a good mother to two beautiful children. We stuck by each other and eventually you quit drinking, we made it through so many close calls and finally I created a proprietary singing technique to bring healing energy through the voice and administer it to others through song performance. I have over 5,000 people in my online singing class, it’s a top-ranked class and I started with zero followers or students.'

‘Finally,’ I concluded batting my eyes at him playfully, ‘I am the recipient of a wealthy benefactor’s generosity and have raised a substantial amount of financial support for The Song Healer LLC. It’s true, I can’t claim it as income but it’s there to help me create and build a business, so I would say I am pretty damn positively abundant and I know a heck of a lot about creating a prosperous life while navigating extremely difficult situations. I believe I have a lot of wonderful teaching to offer a lot of amazing people and I am beyond excited, joyous and thrilled to do it.’ Then I looked him straight in the eye and repeated a phrase he’s said to me so many ways amid so many disagreements we have about money, ‘You are my positive abundance, sweetheart.’

It’s true, he’s believed in me every step of the way and he’s been by far my most generous benefactor. We are all each other’s benefactors in a way, me, you and everyone we meet in life are each other’s prosperity. God shows up in our world through our choices, actions, courage, and honesty. Prosperity and positive abundance show up when we believe in ourselves and when we believe in each other. If we choose, money can be part of that, but it doesn’t have to be and many people find they have all the financial support they could ever need but by the worlds’ standards it’s not a lot of money. Many people are much happier just doing what they love, they aren’t interested in managing complex accounts and building multi-million dollar businesses. I believe financial success looks different for everyone but true prosperity is measured by the joy and peace in our hearts and how easily we can share it with others in our lives.

I teach my clients how to align with their divine abundance blueprint through intuitive development and money or at least consistent income is often a by-product of that teaching.

So the big reveal, I am not a multi-millionaire, I’m not the incarnation of the divine mother floating around on a cloud, sighing in divine ecstasy in the middle of every sentence. I am not a super-model look-alike, or seven-figure female entrepreneur with a fancy website, whose been written up in every big magazine and whose clients claim to have quickly acquired large sums of money because of my special 'manifestation technique.' I still lose my temper. I still make, what many people would label as mistakes and my marriage by conventional terms, is not perfect.   

I AM however the teacher of a special prosperity method that has taken me out of a life that used to be a living nightmare and put me in a place where I feel at peace, joyful and full of hope. I am not a millionaire (yet), and there is not enough 'money' in my account so I have never have to worry about earning again but I am totally at peace knowing I have all the financial support I will ever need because I trust whatever I financial situation I am in is perfectly in tune with God’s divine plan.

So my class ‘Moon, Music & Manifestation’ starting on January 24th for only $22 per month (about the same as Starbucks latte and blueberry muffin) will teach you how to get in the flow of your divine abundance path by strengthening your intuition and will support your peace practice and positively affect the financial support that you create.

I am extremely confident your life will be a lot more fun and you will experience an incredible influx of positivity as a result of the methods I teach. While there is a very high chance you will experience increased financial abundance as a result of the techniques we use, I can’t guarantee you will get rich fast! You define what prosperity means to you and what you do with your heart, mind, time and money is your choice.  

Be Blessed!

Elizabeth - The Song Healer

Elizabeth Knudson - The Song Healer, is an energy healer, intuitive empath, professional vocalist, writer, performing artist and best selling class creator on Udemy.

You can learn more about her coaching at and www.divinefeminine

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