Intuition Is Turning Fear Into Love.

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

For me, accessing my intuition is as simple and as complicated as turning fear into love. We all have our hand in this, our personal fear must be worked carefully by own hands into our very personal understanding of unconditional love. Intuition that still small voice inside of us, the voice of God, our connection to the divine, is pure love. When we find ourselves in the dark place it is because that voice is difficult to hear amidst all the fearful thoughts that are flooding our spiritual ears. Our task then is to hear that voice again and turn the fearful thoughts into loving ones as we do this our inner world and outer world are illuminated.

If you have ever struggled with spiritual depression or depression of any kind you know as well as I, it’s not that simple! There are many other things that need to happen but oftentimes the fear freezes us and we are truly at a loss as to how to move forward.

For me, when I am in the depths, dealing with my inner demons, the lost place is dark, full of unknown things that peer at me ghoulishly from the dusty corners of my mind. Intuition is silent and the only ‘knowing’ present is that change is coming, which usually scares me even more. The only light that shines, is the occasional flash of lightning, threatening an oncoming storm. I often feel like a child hiding under her covers looking out at a room obscured by the darkness of uncertainty, objects that are harmless by day look terrifying in the dark.

I am frozen, but only for a second. I take a deep breath and remind myself I am very used to this place and was meant to live in it for a part of my life.

Emancipation from the Darkness comes with self-acceptance.

Be Real - Be Honest - Be Transparent

I turn love into fear by fully accepting the situation for what it is. I don’t fight it. I don’t run around trying to convince everyone I am okay when I am not okay. I don’t pretend to have answers. I accept myself as I am, where I am.

It is one of my lessons in this life, “Learn to turn fear into love” that is the only message from my intuition when it goes dark. I know this lesson, I know we are all here to learn to do this. We all have different ways of learning this lesson. I am confident we can all agree, it is a difficult one.

How did I learn this? It’s a long, long story, it started with living in a haunted farmhouse in Wisconsin while being terrorized by demonic entities as a young child and then learning to banish them with my light, to growing up as a pastors daughter and feeling I had to hide all my flaws in order to be an accepted as a Christian, to fleeing to the New Age movement only to become fed-up with so called shamans and healers who claim to have all the answers and were just as lost as everyone else. I finally realized from experience as a little girl and an adult the only way to dispel MY darkness is to illuminate it with MY light.

My light I have learned comes from God and the more I open to God’s love the more light shines through! May you illuminate your darkness with God's light always!

In Love & Abundance,

Elizabeth – The Song Healer


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