Does Your Twin Flame Connection Trump your Relationship Commitments?

You are positive you have met your Twin Flame, the connection is undeniable, the only problems is they are already in a committed relationship!

You met someone with whom you feel incredibly connected - the only problem is they’re taken! You have heard the term soulmate, twin flame, and everything seems to add up to that end. You feel drawn to them, you can talk for hours, the synchronicities that brought you two together are mind blowing yet the 'Universe' 'God' or the forces that be have left out one very important detail, their spouse! Adultery is so very non-consciousness and you don't want any bad Karma, yet you feel irresistibly pulled toward this person.

It is painful when you have a deep connection with someone and you aren't free to pursue it. Often times, you can't seem to get this person off of your mind, you can't rest until you find out what's really behind your attraction. Here's what you do....

1) Understand the more you awaken spiritually the deeper your connection with people will be, in other words get ready to experience a lot of intense connections even stronger than this one.

Just because you really like this guy or gal doesn't mean they are your one and only. I am not ruling it out completely however my advice is not to get caught up with someone who isn't your beloved just because you are feeling some new sensations.

As you open and go deeper spiritually you will attract those who are able to do the same with you. It feels amazing and many times people find themselves developing strong romantic attachments in the process. Be careful because acting out of turn romantically just to satiate a physical desire or ego impulse is akin to taking a 180 degree turn on your path to enlightenment.

Just because it feels good and you want it, doesn't mean it's meant to be.

So many people who go deep into their spirituality find themselves jumping from one relationship to the next, falling in and out of love. This creates a lot of unnecessary instability.

Those who spiritually awakening, otherwise known as light workers, often mistake the deepening of their intuition and the realization of themselves for passionate, soul mate, twin flame love connections. Many times the answer is 'No, you haven’t found your beloved, you found someone who is reflecting your beauty back to you.' Enjoy the beauty of that but don't mistake it for your life partner.

If you feel you must be with this person even if they are not available or that you should dance around the edges letting them know you are available in case things don’t work out with their current partnerships you should definitely.....

Walk away. If you have romantic feelings for someone who is currently in a committed relationship, don’t use your perceived spiritual connection with them as an excuse to lure them away from their beloved.

Relationships take us to deep dark places where we feel incredibly vulnerable, it is completely unfair to walk in on those moments and use the allure of something new and fresh to attract a person from the healing work in their current partnership.

If you really love them you will completely walk away and allow them to do what they need to do.

If you are meant to be together you will align naturally with no effort!

Be warned, if you do make the choice to ‘dangle the carrot in front of them’ so to speak, and you end up together, your relationship will not be easy, most likely it will be full of pain, as you have interrupted a sacred contract and will deal with the spiritual fall out for years to come.

A very conscious choice would also be to honor your love interests longstanding partnerships above your new connection.

If you feel so incredibly connected to this person that you just can’t stay away, and you feel you must share your healing love with them, it stands to reason their current partner will have just as much to benefit from your healing energy. No, I am not suggesting open relationships but rather taking time to understand the complete truth of your connection versus picking and choosing what suits you and feeds your ego, loneliness and lust.

Unconditional love is generous, it doesn't sneak on the side lines and flaunt it's allure hoping the players will get distracted and join it's team instead. It is supportive, inclusive and expanding. If the idea of that turns you off, most likely your undeniable attraction to this person is a big chunk of your ego blocking your flow of unconditional love. It's kind of like a form of spiritual constipation and in the words of so many sassy gurus in our modern age, it's time to let that shit go!

If you are meant to explore that connection it will align at the perfect time without any help from you. If you the synchronicities that brought you two together were so amazing, then that the one very important detail, the one where they are married, engaged, or whatever is equally important.

Be generous with your love, don't leave their loved ones out because you are afraid of missing out on love.

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