Masking The Madness

The spiritual roots for many healer's mask aversion.

Do you believe in an afterlife and if you do are you still afraid to leave this life, as in die?

Be honest and courageous in the comments below. No bluffing. Be kind.

Me... Well, I believe in an afterlife and I am kind of scared of this one ending mainly because unless you have died and come back to life you have no way of knowing what happens when this life ends.

For a while after my Mom died I got a little obsessed with hearing people's Near-Death Experiences and they were consistently positive, this gave me hope.

I got close to my Mother's death when my Mother passed. I laid in bed and slept next to her until she died. I couldn't pass through the veil with her but I was going to get as close as possible with her so she didn't feel alone and she wasn't afraid.

When she took her last breath I was sitting next to her reading to her.

A lot of people say they know what happens when we die but there is no real proof of what awaits us.

As intuitive healer, energy worker, my deepest emotion which correlates to my mask aversion, is a deep desire, to end suffering for all sentient beings everywhere, forever. Lately, with all the Facebook posts pressuring everyone to mask up, I have realized, I have a stronger desire to end suffering for everyone on the planet versus stave off an illness that will only be followed by yet another illness.

I believe when as many healers suffer so much in life they become keenly aware of the horrific cycle of suffering of humanity, we almost go mad and then we say 'Enough, I will do whatever it takes to end this for everyone!'. We see our collective human existence as one illness, pandemic, act of violence, terror and fear plaguing man kind century after century and we desire to end the suffering once and for all.

This is a tall order. This requires looking at one's own shadow self first, and that in and of itself can cause death or a lot of pain. Looking at your shadow self, your insecurities, shortcomings, ugliness, getting cozy with all your nasty spiritual joojoo is not fun and it drives some people over the edge.

In the end though, we come to a place of unconditional love and self-acceptance and realize we are all on the same page, with everyone. There is no room for judgment.

I believe when we choose to act in accordance with love versus fear, even if we have momentary suffering by acting of out love, in the end we are able to eliminate an incredible amount of suffering for the long term.

This is why I dislike the idea of having to wear a mask to protect myself and others. It has nothing to do with me feeling my rights are being taken away, to me it's a statement I am sending out to the universe that says, 'I am a victim, I can't heal myself, I don't trust that a higher power is watching over me, I don't trust that I have the power to end this virus with my work as a healer and energy healer. We are all doomed to suffer in this cycle forever.' I am not okay that.

I believe in the long run living in this type of agreement, this makes me susceptible and everyone else to a much deeper illness, that will plague our energy body for lifetimes after this one.

This is truly what is at the bottom of my mask aversion and why I say, 'My body, my choice.'

As an intuitive healer my purpose is to empower myself and others to find their spiritual power which prevails and heals all physical ailment, disease, and suffering.

It is my purpose to use everything in my being to transform this reality into one that is in complete alignment with the highest good.

I still wear my seat belt in the car, I still wear the mask, I am still being careful with who I see, but I am beginning to feel we are approaching a point where the mask isn't protecting us. The strict quarantining isn't protecting us, it is simply staving off the inevitable which is the confrontation of our deepest fears, and we must confront these fears, our shadow self, in order to evolve spiritually and physically, and move past the cycle of rebirth into a reality pain.

We are powerful beings and to experience our power we must begin to embrace it.

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