Navigating The Not Now Place.

I am in the not now place, not knowing place, the lost place, the dark place.

Have you ever been in a place like this?

Are you there now?

Song Healer Supporters… I am seeking you out now, asking for your focused positive attention and support. You will receive mine in return, with the teaching I offer and free song healings downloads in these letters that I am sending to you. (These are really ‘blogs but ‘blog’ is such an ugly sounding word, I dislike using it.) These letters will teach you part of my process of song and energy healing. The song healing downloads will provide you with energy clearing and frequency adjustments. The song healings act like antennas that harness positive healing energy and funnel it straight into your mind, body, and spirit. They will help you decrease stress and sadness and increase happiness and peace. In additio to making song healing meditations free to you, I will also be sharing the story of my life which can be quite dramatic and entertaining, more entertaining for you and less so for me. As I learn, you receive the lessons I am learning in real time. Please be prepared for deep transparency and interesting stories.

I firmly believe this is the only way for me to teach, I believe... ONLY AS WE HEAL OURSELVES ARE WE ABLE TO SUPPORT OTHERS HEALING. In this letter, I am teaching you how to be lost in the darkness… Why would you want to learn how to do that? We all arrive at this place in our lives, sometimes just for a little while and sometimes over and over again. It is part of the cycle of creation and rebirth that brings us into a higher state of consciousness, awareness, and peace. It is how we turn fear into love, something we are all meant to learn to do in this life. Many of you like me who are in the pursuit of a higher state of spiritual awareness by way of a spiritual practice; have realized by now that you are visiting this lost place quite a bit more than you expected. You have realized being ‘woke’ or waking up spiritually often means you don’t have any answers, you are lost, and unsure which step is the right one. When you began this journey did you initially feel that waking up spiritually would make everything better but instead you found yourself a bit more lost than before?

Have you felt lately that being spiritually awake is not as joyful and abundant as you thought it would be?

This is good. Now that you are a bit more awake, you are simply more aware of the state of things in your life, this is good because you know you are lost, versus before when you were going down a path not meant for you and feeling terribly unhappy. This may feel like a small step but it’s really quite a huge improvement. It means you are one step closer to finding your way because you are no longer going the wrong way. You may be stopped, lost and clueless as to what do to do but at least you aren’t continuing down the wrong path. So where are you? You are in a waiting place, a breathing place, and a listening place. You are in a place where you must figure out how to use your inner light to illuminate your path instead of relying on others. I am here with you, I am here to help you find your light. I won’t find it for you but I will show you how I found mine. I believe this will help you immensely.

My first offering to help you illuminate is quite powerful. It is a song healing of extreme light I prepared a few days back. This song healing will serve to shift your energy into one of intense positivity and gratitude. It does this my praising God, our highest good and bringing us into alignment with pure love through humility and gratitude. It will clear away negative energy in your auric field, shift your mood and support you in hearing the loving that seeks to align you with your highest good. It will support the awakening of your intuition by clearing fearful feelings and infusing you with love.

Simply close your eyes meditate and listen when you are feeling lost or confused. Play it for a friend in the hospital, or someone who feels down. It is a tool for healing and illumination. We will talk more about the lost place and how we got here and how to get out in the next letter.

You may listen to a the free song healing,Illumination Song Healing by clicking HERE.

It will be available to listen to for free for a limited only.

If you would like to own this song and own a copy of this healing mediation you can purchase it HERE.

In our next letter I will talk a bit out this healing, how I made it, and exactly how to use it for maximum healing power.

Keep your eyes and ears open for my next letter, song healing and teaching. I am sending love to all of you my dearest beloveds!

In Love & Abundance Elizabeth – The Song Healer

Elizabeth is mystic, energy healer and intuitive and classical vocalist. Elizabeth offers song healings and intuitive empowerment sessions in exchange for a fair monetary compensation. Elizabeth is the author of the top ranking course, 'Chakra Vocal Sound Healing' taught to over 5,000 students in 500 countries. Learn more about how to book an intuitive empowerment and healing session with Elizabeth by e-mailing

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