Overcoming The Need For Approval

'Care about other's opinions of you, and you will always be their prisoner.'

by Lao Tzu from The Tao Te Ching

This is a pretty tall order when most of your business, or time is created by people 'liking' your posts, but detachment is key. It's something I am working so hard on at the moment. Lately, I am recognizing my self-worth has been entangled in other's opinions of me, how I act, how I look , how I AM.

I am after all, just me and you are just you, and we can't really be anyone else. We can't be people who other people want us to be, we can only be the best version of ourselves. If other's don't like us, there's nothing we can do to change it. It's hard being blocked, ghosted, rejected, compared to someone 'better', but our lives are full of these moments and it's not the rejection that defines us. It is not the lack of beauty or approval that defines us or makes us worth or unworthy.

It is the way in which we dig deep and find value in ourselves despite the rejection, no matter how devastating the rejection is. When we choose to focus on our own being as beautiful, worthy, lovable and outright stupendous, we give strength to all those who are one step behind, faltering in the darkness of their shadow.

We shine a sliver of light into their world and allow them to see their own beauty. The harsh words are cut short, the critical thoughts and harsh gestures and actions crumble to dust in the midst of the brilliant light of self-acceptance we shine out to them. We must choose self-love at all costs. Regardless of who is rejecting you, your parents, lover, spouse, friend or children, choose to honor yourself, recognize the goodness you hold within, focus on it. The more you focus on it the stronger it becomes and just like an ember stoked into a great fire it consumes all critical judgement and transmutes it to brilliant light.

Be Blessed,

Elizabeth The Song Healer.

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