Preparing for Celebration & Ceremony

Today is a short lesson – change is in the air and I am off to clear what no long serves me and usher in abundance, I hope are you doing the same.

Now it is time to begin to gather things for the Rose Moon Healing Celebration & Ceremony.

A good witch always keeps a clean house!

It's tough I know and my house would qualify me as a very, very bad witch on many days but it is important to note that a clean house allows the energy to flow more powerfully. Cleaning also helps ground you and alert you to areas of your life that need more care, all very important aspects of which to take note before engaging in a healing ceremony.

If you have time to clean out some old closets and cupboards even better, do it! Do what you can but make an effort to straighten up, wipe down countertops, sweep and vacuum the flowers. At least give it the appearance of cleanliness.

As you go through your day allow yourself to notice things in your physical world that represent;

1)What you would like to release – the things that interfere with your joy.

2)What you would like to bring in– symbolic of the things that give you joy.

3)What helps you feel your inner magic – things that bring, comfort, happiness, peace and love to your heart.

Responsibly and mindfully gather things in nature that are available to take (don’t go picking roses out of your neighbor’s yard but do pick flowers from your own yard)

Gather things that are pink or moon like in nature in your home.

If you have these on hand or have a budget to purchase set aside a small glass bowl, a candle, pink anything (crystals, candles table cloth or cloth, crayons/marker/pen and paper to color on, will all work.)

If you are short on pink things , draw hearts and roses on paper, write positive works of encouragement and love for yourself on this paper. Example, ‘I love you, you can do it, you are amazing, you are healing.'

When you have time today clear a space for your special celebration/ceremony. Arrange the items you have gathered on a table in a way that makes you feel happy! Here are some picture I collected to help inspire you!

If you would like to share pictures of your altar, please post in the comments on the Song Healer Facebook page under the post after it is published.

Here is an article I suggest you read on this Strawberry Moon in Capricorn on the 28th. We are calling it the Rose Moon but it is one in the same. It does not surprise me that this moon is one for clearing what no longer serves us and moving forward towards completion of our goals. Read more about the elements of the this Rose when you have a moment.

We are getting close! Until tomorrow...

In Love & Abundance,

The Song Healer

P.S. If you are just joining us remember to visit to all three lessons and get up to speed.


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