Rose Moon Healing Lesson 1

Can you feel her calling to you? The glorious wild power of the Divine Mother through the beautiful Rose Moon calls your name... The energy is a fascinating combination of wild power and sensual femininity. It is just like a healthy mother’s love; wildly protective of her offspring and unconditionally nurturing as she cares for children from babe to grown woman and man.

This incredible love is one we all must reconnect with for ourselves and for others. We are in a difficult time in this physical manifestation. We have chosen collectively to learn many difficult lessons, either by our own suffering or by the suffering we project onto others as a result of our own fear.

Message from The Beloved

Do not worry beloved, this lesson is not a lecture but rather a clarion call to beckon you back into remembrance of your unconditional love for yourself and others. It is a reminder there is more than enough for you and the scarcity you may be experiencing in the physical world is an illusion and one that can only be transmuted when you step out on faith and learn to love yourself more fully.

This requires you to be wild. This requires you to go deep inside and be honest about that one thing you most desire that you are not allowing yourself. The moon holds the secret, she is beckoning to you, singing it to you with her soft silky voice, she is dancing the possibility of this new reality around you as her moonbeams touch your skin.

She is blooming like a rose for your precious desire, waiting to be plucked, nuzzled and caressed.


What seed of joy is deep in your heart waiting to take hold in the earth to grow and bloom? You will know this desire as it benefits both you and humanity in some way because it allows you to live with greater joy. It can be anything, a deeper romantic love, a healthier body, a different career, a new home, anything at all.

Write it down now.

If you do not know right now. Take few moments throughout your day to close your eyes and look past all your troubles to things that will most give you joy.

As you remember you will feel happier, lighter, this is love. This is love you may show to yourself at any time and it is highly contagious and extremely necessary to heal the pain and suffering of the world. The children who are lost, the parents who grieve, the families who are separated all can be healed but it starts with the blooming of joy in your heart. Because as you feel more JOY FULL, fear has no place and so it is easier for you to act boldly and also to manifest an abundance of resources required to heal yourself, the planet and your fellow woman and man.

Next lesson we will work with the Rose Frequency Meditation! In the meantime please have a listen to this song by sing Julie Fowlis, we will be using the melody in our June 28th healing celebration (web address TBD), words will be altered slightly so just get the melody in your head for now!


Elizabeth - The Song Healer


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