Stay off the news!!!

At least for a a few days...

At least for a few days, be very mindful what you are reading through on social media and watching on TV, news, radio, FB & IG all of it. If it starts to feel icky, or give you anxiety or make you irritable - WALK AWAY, TURN IT OFF.

There is huge wave coming in right now from some 'aspects' of our consciousness, that's all I will call them because I don't like to give things a negative label, it only makes them powerful.

Essentially, there is a force out and about, rather prevalent and it's really trying its hardest to kill our hope.

In truth, it's trying to create despair so it can ingest that and grow and survive off of it. In order to that it has to kill our hope.

Why? Because we humans are becoming extremely powerful with all the positive change, new thoughts, thoughts absent of fear, amazing, courageous love filled thoughts, and these thoughts are causing us to act in love and our world is actually changing for the good. We are the very precipice of radical positive change.

We are making huge progress! And this force doesn't want that, because it will become quite small and inconsequential when we finally take the big plunge into the vast ocean of love that we are beginning to be able to see right in front of us

So....let's keep up the good vibes, stay positive, write down what you are hopeFULL about, what fills you with love, remind yourself why you are here.

I will get back to the readings soon, but for now I'm hunkering down and hoping and loving.

Love you.

Elizabeth - The Song Healer


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