Stuck? Here's An Abundance Quickie!

Many times we can't move forward or we feel stuck because we are holding onto; habits, thoughts, people's opinions, jobs, ideas, negative situations etc. You name it...anything that gives us a false sense of security, a false sense of worth, feeling loved, safe, worthy or good. Why is it false? Because it's exterior it doesn't come from the inside.

Our higher soul has something SO MUCH BETTER, in our 'Divine Abundance Blueprint' ready for us to access anytime! BUT!!!! We can't even comprehend how awesome it is because all of our spiritual, mental and emotional energy is being used up holding onto our false safety preservers.

Imagine if you were drowning in an ocean and someone threw you an inner tube full of led. Pretty frustrating!

In my course, The Sacred Art of Song Healing, we have a number of exercises that help us really get into the deep dark closet of our fear and clean it out all those led filled safety preservers.

For now, if this message sounds like part of your life, if you are feeling stuck, start repeating these phrases,the minute you start feeling frustrated with your life situations.Take a deep breath, close your eyes, (kind of like Dorothy, there's no place like home) and repeat these phrases.

For added benefit you can hum or sing them to yourself under your breath. If you are feeling really ambitious rewrite them and make a song out of them. Sing them whenever you feel stuck, then be on the look out for a small, subtle positive change in your circumstance. Remember big changes are made of of million little ones....

Start small to get big.

Repeat, sing etc.....

I am enough.

I deserve goodness.

I have what it takes!

I love you and I am proud of you! I believe in you!

XOX- The Song Healer


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