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  • Elizabeth Knudson

Super Moon in Virgo Magic!

Each full moon has special magical properties you can use to heal your life, here's what you need to know about this months' full super moon in Virgo..

It's full moon in Virgo tonight and a super moon as well! This means the moon power is amplified because of the position of the moon and earth to each other. The full moon is a great time set your intention and bring what you desire into your life. Working with full moon energy allows us to easily attract our desires and eliminate or reduce toil and labor. If you are a Virgo or have a lot of it in your astrological chart this can be a very powerful full moon for you with which to work.

Virgo's symbolize purity and their nature helps simplify life. They are great at organizing in the physical world, putting things together and keepings physical aspects of our daily life running in an efficient way.

Secondly Virgo Moon helps us discover...

  1. What we need to get rid off or clean out to make room for the new.

  2. How to organize the physical to get what we desire.

  3. What tools we require to acquire what we desire.

  4. How to MAKE A PLAN to attract it.

Virgo's are really great organizers and planners, when they are emotionally invested in the plan and when they can use tactile things to plan. For instance a Virgo is great at organizing files, or setting up events but they may have difficulty putting their dreams (desires) into a plan because ideas, thoughts and feelings are more abstract.

Full Moon Virgo Ritual

Pick one area of your life that desperately needs a physical make over in order to be finished. For instance if you have been working on a project for sometime and are struggling to get it finished, or if you feel like your home life is extremely stressful and can never seem to get organized in your routine, or this could be your office where you conduct business if you fee like you are suffocating under a myriad of projects, or this could be a new project or event you need to plan but have been putting off because every time you try to start the project you feel overwhelmed and give up.

Full moons are active for 3 days, but we are in the middle of the journey as today is the March 9th 2020, so for tonight only fill a jar with water and leave it in your windowsill or overnight to absorb the power of the full moon.

Set a side a few peices of paper, and at the top of the first piece of paper write a short request for help in one specific area as mentioned above.

Underneath the first question write the additional requests...

What do I need to get rid off to more easily achieve this goal?

How can I organize my physical assets to more easily achieve this goal?

What tools do I need to to more easily achieve this goal?

What plan do I need to implement to more easily achieve this goal?

Take a jar or transparent bottle of some kind filled with water and leave it outside or on a windowsill where it will be exposed to the moonlight. As you do take a few moments, or minutes to gaze up at the moon, allow yourself and your heart to open to her beauty. I suggest staring at the moon for a minimum of 20 minutes if you can but if it's too difficult because of weather or location any amount of time will do. Just do your best to take a mental photograph of the moon in the sky.

Leave the jar out overnight to absorb the moon energy. The last day of the full moon is on the 10th, this month. On the morning of the 11th, either drink the water or put it into a bath and bathe in the water.

Take some time to meditate after you do one of the two above, focus on the mental picture you took from staring at the moon, write down anything that pops into your mind and leave it, don't try to analyze it just let it be.

March 10th-23rd as the moon wanes, every evening review question #1, write down what you need to let go off to be able to more easily focus on your goal.

March 24th-31st The new moon period begins, every evening review question #2 & #3, write down how to organize the physical to get what you desire. You can spend the first half of the days on 2 and the second half on 3.

March 31st-April 6th as the moon waxes and grows, ask what you can do to more easily attract your goal and desire.

April 7th - Celebrate your manifestation on the full moon!

Much love,

Elizabeth Knudson - The Song Healer

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