They called me 'baby-killer. Scary stories from my encounters with the Radical Right.

Here’s the thing you can’t yell, ‘BABY KILLER’ and make it all go away, go home and feel good about yourself. I think that’s what a lot of people want, to know they don’t have to make that horrible decision, to be free from it, to not have to really think about it and examine all the angles. Like many things in life, it’s not a cut and dry issue. It’s hard, it’s unpleasant, stressful and it’s a decision attached to a trauma that haunts you forever. Most people don’t have the stomach to unravel the idea of late term abortion or after-birth abortion, so they latch onto the baby killer argument, to absolve themselves of any guilt and go home.

But I am not going to let you off that easy because I’m compassionate to those who truly suffer. The Mom’s who have to make excruciating decisions, the babies born with horrible birth defects who live in pain hooked up to machines until they die, and the healthy children of those parents who care for those sick babies, those brothers and sisters of that newborn, that don’t get a healthy, happy family, many grow up in a dark and lonely place with emotionally unavailable parents, because their parents are stretched too thin. I am going to make you look at all of that, well I suppose you could stop reading at any time but I am going to write it all out because I do care, about the babies, the parents, Moms, the kid's everyone.

There are countless women who are in such extenuating circumstances they have no other choice than to end the life of their child late-term pregnancy because of extreme birth defects to the child.

Are you going to pay for the millions of dollars of medical care not covered by insurance just so their baby can stay alive for a few days? Do you have a degree in therapy and the man-hours to counsel them when they find themselves traumatized from watching their baby die a slow painful death in the hospital when they were denied the right to end it’s life and end its pain? Are you going to raise their other children, feed and care for them while they care for the baby who is kept alive as a vegetable? Are you going to pay for the in-home care that medicare and insurance don’t cover if their baby lives long enough to go home, hooked up to machines and breathing tubes?

I am guessing you really don’t have the resources for that up your sleeve, you are just one woman and the other baby killer labelers like the Republicans, conservatives et all, who spend their lives making policy to overturn Roe Vs Wade, deny women birth control, deny them rights to their own reproductive health, well come up with a solution for all those issues listed above, so how would you?

Killing babies, that sounds terribly cruel, it would be a great angle to shut down the argument had you not picked me with which to argue.

Are you sure you want to argue with me though? A baby killer!

It seems kind of dangerous I mean IF I’m okay with killing babies (which I am not) who knows what else I am capable of?

Please don’t bother with “I never called you a baby killer.” When you bring up the term and associate my opinion with it you have labeled me as one.

If you want to know, I don’t consider myself a baby killer. I am a Mother and as a Mother I understand how vitally important the mental and physical health of the Mother is to the survival of her child. This is not an argument about killing babies it’s an argument about making sure all Mothers, and especially Mothers’ of multiple children who have other kids at home to care for, don’t find themselves in a situation that will destroy them and their family.

There are occasions where a baby is born with such severe defects it’s painful for them to be kept alive, it’s incredibly costly to do so and in order for the Mother to get the law on her side to allow her to end the pain her baby is suffering, she has to choose late or after term abortion. These are extreme cases, nightmare cases but they happen every day all around the world. The working Mom and Dad with 5 kids who are living paycheck to paycheck just out of reach of medicare, who have a baby who is almost a vegetable, the baby is born, then hooked up to devices for a number of weeks, which causes the parent's hundreds of thousands of dollars in expense, thanks to our non-existent universal healthcare plan (thanks Trump & Republicans). They get to watch their baby die a slow painful death, in the hospital and are usually tens if not hundreds of thousands in from medical bills, after it passes.

The anti-baby killers are hoping for a Roe Vs. Wade rollback, and if that were to happen, most parents couldn’t afford the thousands of dollars in attorney fees to argue for an abortion earlier in the term, by the time they got one it would be too late. These types of cases take months.

Perhaps they also won't have adequate healthcare to find out about the defect early enough? If you are curious that's on the chopping block too from the same anti-baby killers.

How is keeping the baby, when there is no cure and it’s in excruciating pain, fair to the baby, fair to the mental health of the Mother? How is the incredible financial burden fair to her kids? How is not cruel?

If you are going to make the argument it’s in God’s hands if the baby lives, or maybe God will’s it to be miraculously cured, you have no legal basis on which to make that argument.

First amendment separation of church and state. The law is not meant to be interpreted or made based on one’s religious views, because when you for instance or your preferred political party does this ( like the anti-baby killers), you force the rest of us to submit to your religious views and we no longer have the freedom to our own.

We don’t all believe in God, we don’t all believe in the same God and we are protected by law, supposedly, to keep your (alleged) religious views out of the law. So if it’s not God’s will or legal right to try to keep the baby alive as long it can be, then whose will or right should it be?

The answer?

The people or persons who are going to have to care for it, that’s who. It’s the Mother’s choice and it always should be.

I don’t think there are too many women out there who would wait until they were full term to have an abortion.

I don’t think there are many doctors who wouldn’t think of everything possible to avoid ending the life of a baby late term or after. They have to take the Hippocratic oath, under that would still be illegal to end the life of a healthy baby after term.

Most women if they have the option will get an abortion earlier on, especially if it’s affordable or totally covered by insurance.

What women want to go through carrying a baby for nine months just to kill it when it’s born? Why would a woman do this if she could save herself the heartache and terminate it earlier?

I would wager the majority is pretty low. If abortion is readily available and better yet fully paid for by universal healthcare, statistically and logically it stands to reason that women who can terminate early without any hassle will do so.

Additionally, it stands to reason if the same preventative methods like birth control are paid for under universal healthcare we will see much less unwanted pregnancy.

Sadly the very same political party, the right, THE RADICAL RIGHT, the conservatives, many republicans, don’t women to have access to those things.

Their reason is not science-based. Their reason is based on their religious non-sensical Christian views. It’s okay to have nonsensical religious views, it’s totally fine as long as you don’t impose them on others.

Their nonsensical reasoning, the bible says, ‘Thou shall not kill’ so you shouldn’t kill babies, but it’s okay to drop bombs on cities of innocent children and families in the name of war, it’s okay to assign the death penalty even if occasionally you kill someone who is innocent, but it’s not okay to mercifully end the life of a severely ill newborn who is destined to live a life in constant pain, who has no hope of a cure because God wouldn’t like it. Hmmm… that doesn’t really make sense now does it?

Sadly the Republican Party & RADICAL RIGHT use the baby-killing rhetoric to pack a very emotional heart-wrenching punch to anyone who disagrees with them. 'We have to save the babies! Side with us, vote for us OR your hands will be red with the blood of newborns, you baby killer!' they cry.

Additionally, they lump a lot of other solutions to late-term abortions into their list of things that should be considered illegal or sinful, ironically making late-term abortions much more likely and needed.

First, they argue early-term abortions should be decided on by a court, usually by the time that happens it’s too late and most women who find themselves in that predicament don’t have the means or where-with-all to go to court to fight for an abortion.

They restrict or do not provide birth control or cover it expenses under medicare to women because that is encouraging them to sin and have intercourse out of wedlock.

When I was little, like 10 years old my parents used to take to me DC to anti-abortion rallies, they used to make me watch videos of babies being aborted, they used to make me look at aborted fetuses in jars of formaldehyde. I was all about saving the babies for a long time until...

I became a Mother.

I love my children more than my own life. The moment they are in the slightest pain I cringe.

This experience of Motherhood eventually got me thinking about other Mothers’ who weren’t so lucky.

What would it be like to have a child born with a defect that could never be cured, and watch that baby suffer, hooked up to machines, just to die without every really being loved or held, by me in a cold sterile hospital environment? Ironically my Mother who was the most zealous anti-baby killer in the family and a nurse changed her views also. She became an in home care pediatric nurse, she cared for kids were hooked up to breathing tubes, had no hope of ever being able to walk or talk or move. Some were completely paralyzed and mentally impaired, they couldn't walk or talk or even blink their eyes for yes or no, some could smile a little, they spent years in bed, being turned any way washed, diapers changed some to even young adulthood in a prison in their own body. No one knew if they understood they were trapped in their body until they die, while they watched their siblings grow up and age. She watched the some Mothers come in and obsess over their children, they would lose their mind if my Mom put their child who couldn't walk or talk or communicate in anyway in a mismatching pair of pajamas. She watched as some Mother locked their HEALTHY children in their rooms all day because they couldn't handle the stress of caring for their sick child and their healthy ones. She saw some really dark horrible situations.

Would I choose that for my child, for my family? I don’t know what I would choose, but I do know that I would never think so much of myself to make that decision for another Mother. I would never insist another Mother watch her child suffer and family fall apart so I could say, ‘I am pro-life’ so I could avoid being labeled a baby killer.

So call me whatever you like but the suffering of those children, Mothers, and their families is on you, the blood is on YOUR hands when you take away the right of Mother to choose what happens to her body and her baby.

Her body, her baby, her choice.

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