What has happened to your voice?

Monique Munos

Beloved, what has happened to your voice?

Beloved, why have you hidden your soul in the darkness?

Beloved, why is your spirit crushed?

Did you let them silence you with ridicule?

Did they gag with their own insecurity?

You have been silent too long and we can feel the weight of it bearing down on you. We can feel your exhaustion as you desperately try to hold onto some semblance of sanity underneath the crushing despair of ‘not enough’.

Let us hold you for a moment, beloved.

Let us support you.

Let us explain so you may let go.

It is not that you are not enough. It is that they are not enough.

The ones who claim to love you, yet keep your wings crushed under their thumb, as they cradle your brokenness in the palm of their hands, it they who are not enough.

They tell you not to get too big, only because you will see how small they are.

They tell you, you are not beautiful enough only because they themselves feel ugly.

They tell you, you are unwise because they are reeling from the sting of their own transgressions and they do not wish to nurse their wounds alone.

The place where fear and loneliness lie together is putrid bed of misery and so they seek your company.

Do not give it to them.

You are light, you are miracle, you are magic.

You cannot be contained.

Go deep into yourself now, what is it you truly desire?

you have been told you cannot have this things because you are too something...too fat, stupid, lazy, poor?

Release these ideas and repeat after us.

I am powerful.

My desire is precious.

My voice is powerful.

I am fully realizing myself into magic.

I am fully remembering myself into love.

I am the most beautiful, intelligent, wonderful, worthy human being I know and I fully love and embrace myself.

Feel better? We knew you would.

Continue to dig, dig, dig, find out what it is you truly desire and make a way, don’t give up. Your desire is your voice and your voice must be heard because….

Your voice is the medicine. Your voice is love.

Stay tune for part two expansion into your truth...


The Beloved

Channeled and written by Elizabeth Knudson ~ The Song Healer


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