Why I am not joining the Facebook women's black out.

Some on Facebook choose to black out there pictures for the day to help the world know what it would be like without women. For all of you Facebook friends that did this, I SUPPORT YOU and I hope you don't take offense that I did not. If you are curious here is why...

I am survivor of sexual abuse by men, from the time I was a teen until I was 26, by a pedophile who groomed me and took me to some horribly dark places. Places so dark in fact I choose to not talk about it, or remember that part of my life AT ALL. I reported the abuse to my Mother as a teen and she chose not to tell anyone because she didn't want people to think badly

OF HER and so it continued well into my young adult life.

I finally got out of that abusive situation and thought I had left all of that behind me when again as an adult in corporate America, it almost happened again. There was groping and propositioning in a public place, (really unbelievable when I look back), but I got away that time. I had not healed my mindset and so I didn't report it in time because I was afraid of losing my job. I had a newborn who I was sitll nursing.I desperately needed the job to support my family.

The darkness I had to work through as a result of sexual abuse, I still feel on many levels ruined my life.

Yes I am a lightworker, I am usually super positive because that's how I heal and survive. If you were to speak to the part of me that was abused and is still healing she will tell you that the abuse relationship as a teen to adult, robbed her of her a beautiful life, one-hundred percent , no exaggeration. I missed out on so many opportunities and made so many bad choices because I was weakened by grief, I believed I was worthless and hated myself so much. I am still paying for the crime done to me.

I won't black out my profile picture.

I have sat in the darkness long enough.

To those that abused me; you will never have the pleasure of knowing a world where my face is blacked out and where you will not be blinded by my brilliance and light.

You have seen my descent now watch my rising - Rumi

To everyone; abusers, survivors, judgers…

I give you one choice, to heal with me. Rise to brilliance, conquer the darkness and choose to be light. Go deeper, realize your divinity within and embrace your power so that all the abuse in our consciousness is completely obliterated.

Let all pain be healed.

This choice requires, vulnerability, honesty openness and a lot of courage.


Your choice.

I choose to shine.

In love & abundacne,

Elizabeth Knudson

The Song Healer.


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