You aren't fallen you are a perfect creation.

I was raised in a religion that taught me I was born flawed because I was born human and fallen. I was told my sin nature would always separate me from God unless I allowed God, specifically Jesus into my heart.

Years later after much turmoil and inability to reconcile this teaching, I had an epiphany of Love from the Highest Good, what I call God.

I was created perfect and so is everyone and everything else. A template of imperfection has been placed over us but as a creation of God we are completely perfect.

Jesus did not come to demand we believe in him or suffer eternal damnation. He came to show us what happens when believe and accept the power that God has placed in us. He was waving his arms jumping up and down yelling 'Hey! Believe in me, believe what I am saying and doing - Look what happens when I am completely obedient to God who dwells in me!'

God is perfect, God is not flawed, God does not make mistakes and God made me and YOU!

The 'fallen' nature as many call it, these flaws and imperfections are an identity, a template if you will, that are easily discarded when we begin to identify our own nature more and more with God's divine nature and the light placed in us by God.

It can be a slippery slope, for thousands of years man has been justifying evil actions on the direction that, 'God told me to do it'. I talk about how to know the difference between God's divine nature versus your own fear-based justification for hurtful actions, in my audiobook 'Awakening To The Light Within You'. (You can sign up to be notified when it's published HERE)

Whether you believe in a Christian God, are an atheist and believe in no God, it matters not. What matters is you strive to align your life with the highest level of good - with all your heart, mind and soul. When you fall down and fall short of that, believe the Highest Good is more powerful than your greatest mistake, get back out and keep serving it. Believe in Good and work to always align yourself with the Highest Good.

Whether you find this through serving people through your career, service to others in general, spending time in nature and honoring it, or whether, like me, you bend your knee and seek out a spiritual unseen source of the Highest Good, of ultimate divinity, it's all the same act.

The desire in your heart to serve something greater than yourself for the greater good of all is a holy act.

I can't prove to you that God exists and I will never try. If God is real, which I believe God is. The power of divinity has far more power and resources than I to show that you God is real.

What's most important is that you feel loved completely in this life. You must understand how good you are, how perfect you are and that you have the ability to tap into an unlimited source of love and light anytime you desire. This power lives inside your mind, hear and body. I have devoted my life, my voice, my writing and my classes to helping people learn to tap into that mindblowing source of innate good they all possess. You hold divinity within you when you choose to seek out good, in yourself and others, you are aligning with The Highest Good, you are Awakening To The Light Within You!

XOXO, - Elizabeth -The Song Healer

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