Are you ready to unleash your creative voice and realize a  brilliant new reality? 


Are you someone who desires to sing or speak their truth with power, deeper resonance and deep confidence in the truth of your message?


Are you ready to overcome feelings of unworthiness, stand in your power and sing, speak and present your truth to the world? 


Free Your Voice is the class for you. 


In Free Your Voice, you will learn to tap into your creative voice through the medium of singing, writing and energy healing and ceremony work. 


The class consists of a 2 hour bi-monthly live, Zoom Group Coaching call plus 13  consecutive weeks of online classes.


  • Learn specific vocal techniques that will strengthen your speaking and singing voice, give it more volume, color, depth and range. 
  • Learn energy healing techniques, to calm the mind, build confidence and draw audiences ears and eyes to you. 
  • Have an opportunity to present brand new material wether it be songs, poetry or spoken material to a group and get positive, supportive  feedback or if you are new to performing flex your performance muscles for the first time. 
  • Learn ceremony techniques that incorporate healing energy from the natural world around us the earth and its elements. to align the projects, success and compensation that will fully support your creative life as an artist. 


This class will be live and automated, recordings will be made available to you as well. We will join together on a live group Zoom call twice a month. You will also have the option to do bonus work online with videos I am creating. 


We will be focusing on opening our singing voice to it's full potential first and foremost. We will use ceremony to further open our intuitive voices.  You will receive creative prompts to begin to open to your soul voice. Do you want to know what your higher soul wishes to be made known? This class is a gateway to allow it through. 


Every group class we will vocalize together using very special exercises that helped me open my voice to its full potential, power and beauty. We will learn vocal alchemy and the process of using our voice to manifest and create change in the physical world and we will begin to write what comes through from our soul as we engage in these practices.  


You can expect all sorts of wonderful messages to come through in the form of healing messages from your higher soul, poems, songs and transformational messages you would like to share with the world. 


This is a gateway for anyone who wishes to.. 

  • strengthen and open their singing voice 
  • harness inspiration to create beautiful written word and song
  • Gain confidence by sharing their songs, poems, stories and speeches in a group setting. 


Replays will be available if you can't make the live class times. In the weeks between class you will be given ceremony assignments. These will further open your creativity, boost your confidence and brush away any dust or cobwebs you have that keep you from wanting to be seen, heard and realizing your full potential as a creative  artist.  


Class Schedule  8pm EST - 10pm AEST

July 8th

July 22nd

August 5th

August 19th

September 2nd

September 16th


If you have any questions you can book a call with me HERE. 


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Do I have to be able to sing to take this class?

While vocal toning and singing are the main components that we use to help free your voice in this class, you can come in as a complete beginner or seasoned professional. The techniques are designed to meet you where you wish to grow. 


Who should take this class? 


Anyone who wishes to build confidence and power around their singing and speaking practice. It serves singers, coaches, teachers, sales people and any profession where you desire to use your voice to communicate with confidence and beauty. 


Is this a songwriting class? 


We cover basic songwriting but you may use any medium to express your creativity with your voice, wether it be song, poetry or presentational speaking. 



Can I request a refund?

You have 4 weeks from the beginning of class to request a full refund, simply e-mail your request to


Free Your Voice Class


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