The class will run for 90 minutes, the first part will be meditation, lesson vocal work, opening to spirit messages and sound codes and some energetic work sent to you by me. 


The second half of the class will be lab work where you will break into groups work with each other in spiritual and vocal capacity and some classes you will have time to get vocal coaching and spiritual coaching from me on a personal level. 


These classes revolve around the calendar year and so you will be working with seasons of the earth, depending where you are on this planet to help you attune spiritually to the ascension process and harness your inner magic and healing power through the voice. 



In this live, online virtual classes you will learn…


Alchemy techniques to manifest positive abundance, heal physical issues related to the ascension process, protect and strengthen your spiritual energy

Basic altar work,  ceremony work, earth magic and personal magic. 

Reiki Attunement and Energetic Healing Reiki Principles. 

How to channel messages from your higher soul

How to conduct a vocal sound healing practice on yourself and others

How to conduct a psychic reading and vocal healing through your own intuition

How to open your voice, have greater confidence through singing, sounding, speaking your truth to groups of people. 

How to begin the process of writing songs for healing and write songs for spiritual and personal transformation. 

***For those of you who opt for the year long journey you will learn how to conduct a song healing circle for profit. 


**** Replays will be available if you can’t make the class, as the class grows alternate live times will be available. 



Sign up for the year long class for  $1000 special pricing expires 9/22! 

Sacred Art of Song Healing Year Long Journey

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